Based on a Marathi play by Haribhai Wadgaonkar, Gadhe Ki Baraat explores the class distinctions and illusions created by the ruling class to show that an equal society will prevail one day. The play is directed by Amar Sah.

What’s Gadhe Ki Baraat About: 

The play starts with the second marriage of Kallu and Gangi. Poverty-ridden, they rear donkeys to earn two square meals. In a supernatural event, Kallu visits the swarg lok and witnesses Indra cursing Chitra Sain to become a donkey when he touches Rambha, spellbound by her erotic dance. However, on Brihaspati’s insistence, Indra gives the solution to the curse as well. If Chitra Sain marries King Satyadev’s daughter Priyadarshini, the curse will be lifted. Turned into a donkey, he enters Kallu’s household where Gangi, oblivious to the heavenly events, cares for him more than her other donkeys. The king announces the marriage of his daughter to anyone who builds a bridge from the king’s palace to the town of the poor in one night. Kallu takes up the challenge on behalf of his donkey and on completion, takes the wedding procession of his ‘son’ to the King’s palace. The initial shock of a donkey marrying a woman turns into a vivid surprise when Chitra Sain transforms into his handsome human form.

What Works: 

Employing political satire, slapstick comedy, and a mythological story, the play portrays the reality of the ruling class and the poor. The end shows that the ruling class always suppresses and cheats the poor of their rights and the cycle of poverty continues. The play is contemporized with references to many political and social events with perfect caricatures of mythological figures. There are various comic scenes in the play that engage the audience and can be enjoyed to the fullest.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

The play ends quite abruptly and the message does not get enough time to resonate with the audience. This makes the play lose its charm of being a political and social satire.

Why You Should Watch: 

This play is a fantastic comedy. Its commentary on society will make you laugh as well as think about the problems that never really changed around us. Besides that, it is a fun play interspersed with witty one-liners, jokes and Bollywood songs.