In 1951, RK Lakshman drew the very famous comic strip The Common Man. It represented the hopes, aspirations, and struggles of the average Indian citizen. On similar lines, the play Bhune Hue Aadmi Ka Halwa, directed by Naresh Bansal has brought forward the voice and opinions of a common man. The play was staged at Lok Kala Manch, Lodhi Road.


When a common man comes into a lot of money, he only thinks of multiplying it. So the common man of this play gives out an ad in a newspaper calling for ideas to invest his money and become a billionaire. But the people who answer the ad are nothing but corrupt and greedy individuals who are only looking for an opportunity to dupe the common man. The twist comes when the common man sees through their schemes and stands up for himself. Each character represents an element in the society that is only working for money, whether it’s a government teacher, a politician, a policeman or a religious guru.


The common man portrayed by the director himself was undoubtedly the highlight of the play. The concerns of an average citizen of India are perfectly portrayed. Another actor who stole the show was Deepak who portrayed multiple characters. His versatile acting could be measured by how different each character was, with unique manners. It was a delight to see both these actors perform complemented by a simple stage setting.


The play was perfect but could seem a bit didactic and idealistic in its approach. While bringing forth the issues of this country a probable solution may not be so easily available. But the play tries its best to look for one.


It’s a fun play with good moralistic values attached to it. There’s comedy, a lesson, and brilliant acting – what more could anyone ask for. It’s a family play with high entertainment quotient, which will also prompt you to think about the future of your country. If you do not already love and care for your country, you will after you watch this play.