Directed by Subhash Gupta and adapted by Surendra Gulati, Bungalow #144 features Jay Jha, Abhijeet Deshpande, Dwij Vasavada, Siddharth Tyagi, Vishal Saxena, Rita Ghosh, and Shilja Chaturvedi in prominent roles. Bungalow #144 is a masterpiece by the famous author Agatha Christie and is adapted and tweaked to a two-hour play.

What’s Bungalow #144 about:

Bungalow #144 is a story of seven persons who are trapped in a bungalow of which one is the murderer. Set on a chilling winter night, the Bungalow is located on a hilltop with no connection to the outside world. Surrounded by storms within and outside the bungalow, it sets up a perfect atmosphere for an enticing crime-murder suspense thriller. Presented by Kissago, Bungalow #144 is a commanding play ingrained with powerful and histrionic moments. It is a perfect suspense thriller that will leave you with an unexpected twist towards the climax. With the backdrop of murder mystery, it is bound to give goosebumps and keep everyone on the edge of your seats throughout the play.

What Works:

Adapting and directing a famous novel to a less than 2-hour play is by no means a small task. Subhash Gupta’s direction of a Surendra Gulati adaption needs a special mention. They have intelligently woven the right elements and blended it with the most suitable twists and turns. The best part of Bungalow #144 is the fact that the basic premise is set in the very first scene and will keep everyone to their knees until the perfectly etched climax. And the climax will leave you spell-bound and you will come out of the theatre with a sense of gratification. When the script is right, getting the right cast gives a wholeness to the play. This is exactly what happened with Bungalow #144. The entire cast have given a terrific performance.

Lead by Jay Jha, all the characters have equal importance and the actors have played their parts to perfection. Jay Jha, Abhijeet Deshpande, Dwij Vasavada, Sidharth Tyagi, Shilja Chaturvedi, Rita Ghosh, and Vishal Saxena need to be applauded for their splendid act. Subhash Gupta has stuck to the plot and got everything right from the cast. The music, special effects, and background score was excellent and helped it take to the next level.

What Could Have Been Better:

Bungalow #144 may not go well with the audiences who are allergic to crime and suspense thrillers.

Why You Should Watch:

Bungalow #144 will be remembered as one of the finest plays under the crime, suspense, and thriller genres. The show is entertaining to the core and can easily be watched with friends and families alike. Though an adaption to Agatha Christie’s novel, the play is as good as the book. Go for it and you will not be disappointed.