There are two sides of a personality – the right and the wrong, the hero and the villain. Charlie 2 is based on this premise and shows us how the society and its norms make many people change and suppress themselves to become a completely different person that the society approves of. Written and directed by Kaval Sharma, the play takes you on the journey of a hero who couldn’t figure out who is the villain of his story.

What’s Charlie 2 About:

Charlie 2 revolves around a writer and retired school teacher Chandra Mohan Nagar (Kiran Kumar). He is struggling with his personal and professional life. Professionally, he is retired and now writes drama pieces. None of his stories are popular but he is very confident about his next piece titled Charlie 2. Personally, he has not been in talking terms with his wife for 20 years now because of an extramarital affair he had with his colleague at school.

Chandra Mohan meets with a horrible accident and while he is in a coma, all the characters from his new drama piece Charlie 2 come alive looking for their closure. His subconscious opens many layers of his life – his achievements, his extramarital affair, and his personalities.

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What Works:

Charlie 2 depicts a dilemma that every one of us has had at some point in our life. It focusses on a very important topic and shows perfectly that even one misunderstanding can lead to something unreal and irreversibly disastrous. Through engrossing performances and layered characters, the play opens up the conscience of a man who couldn’t open up directly to anyone. Kiran Kumar, the protagonist, is easily the star of this play. He successfully manages to keep you curious about each character – real or fictitious. He poetry and dialogue delivery is powerful and stays with you for a while.

While the play indirectly portrays the cognitive decisions of the man onstage, it also urges you to introspect whether you are a hero or devil of your own story. And it will not be wrong to say that this 1 hour 30 minutes long play is its own hero.

What Could Have Been Better:

The play is engaging and you imbibe every detail about the characters. A few characters leave you wanting more.

Why You Should Watch:

The play has fine and crisp performances and explains in detail the life of a man who everyone can relate to – someone who means good but is misunderstood. It is an atypical drama that keeps you hooked throughout in its different layers till you find out the context of every character’s story. If you are looking for an engrossing theatrical experience, you must watch Charlie 2.