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Delhi, Laugh Out Loud!

 Delhities, this weekend some rib-tickling comedy plays are making their way into your lives. They say, Laughter is the best therapy! So, why not laugh out loud and whisk away all our worries and tensions! And, we have reasons to laugh too. Three utterly hilarious plays are lined up for you! Pick the one that catches your interest and head out for a hilarious evening.

1. Pierrot's Troupe's Cut…Cut….Cut Written and Directed by Dr. M. Sayeed Alam, Pierrot's Troupe's Cut…Cut….Cut is a play-within-the-play. This play exposes the funny off-stage activities involving the director and the cast. It opens with a director in a rehearsal. In the course of rehearsal he and his scriptwriter often create a scene to establish their supremacy. Their clash of ego pleases the performers and when they realise they are becoming the butt of ridicule, they declare their clash to be a friendly one. It's a Tragedy for them…but a comedy for us. The play comically deals with the chaos, catastrophes and calamities that strike Pierrot's Troupe whenever it rehearses a play. Catch this comedy play at L.T.G Auditorium this Saturday! It is one of those rare productions that will make you laugh all the way in as well as at a play.

2. Misprint The Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre is staging a satire comedy, Misprint this Saturday. Produced by the renowned Production house, Color Bakery and directed by Kuldeep Kunal, Misprint is both a comedy and a satire which it tries to remind us where we stand and how greed and fear restrict and manipulate our feelings. It's a story about two friends belonging to different classes of society and how misprinted their lives are. The cast of the play includes Riya Singh, Ravinder Singh, Rajesh Niram, Abhi Tomar, Deepmala Tiwari, Malvika Singh and Rajvir Raju. The play promises to tickle your funny bones for the entire one and an half hours!

3. Rakesh Bedi's 'MASSAGE' (A True Massage for All Your Emotions) Rakesh Bedi has brought to life Vijay Tendulkar's famous play, Massage on stage! It's a two-act play, in fact a monlogue by Bedi in which he portrays 24 characters deftly in his inimitable comic style in a span of two hours with a good dose of humour. Massage is one of the most celebrated plays of Rakesh Bedi. It tries to expose the under belly of today's society through the escapades of Happy Kumar who comes to the city to become an actor but unfortunately becomes the fourth assistant director of a film maker called Kolhi, who specialises in the snake and sex genre of cinema. It's a highly recommended play!