Presented by one of the most established theatre groups, Motley, The Truth is being staged at Prithvi theatre in Mumbai. Written by French writer Florian Zeller, The Truth has been translated by Christopher Hampton and directed by Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah.

What’s The Truth About:

A colorful man KC is seeing Lovelin behind his wife Avan’s back. It so happens that Lovelin is married to KC’s best friend Zed. It seems to be going okay for them for a couple of months but now they’re both battling some complicated questions from their partners. The hush-hush affair isn’t as clandestine as KC and Lovelin thought it would be. While guilt is eating one of them up, the other is grasping at straws to keep it away from their spouse. But they should’ve known that the truth always comes out and sometimes it’s in a can of worms.

What Works:

The Truth is a twisted tale of modern-day relationships. They’re murky with convoluted feelings and sometimes downright disorienting. Postmodern morality is relative and the truth is not always liberating. The Truth talks about two couples whose idea of a relationship and love goes beyond just being monogamous. Love is not black and white; sometimes it’s a dirty shade of gray. Despite the emotional premise, the play is funny and so bloody engaging! Naseeruddin Shah is a star. He plays KC, who is a manipulative man that can steer any conversation his way while getting rid of the responsibility of telling the truth. KC is sexy, conniving, but also a little foolish. Shah plays the role with finesse and has an air of ease around him on the stage. He has a magnetic stage presence and yet doesn’t dominate the scene more than necessary. The other characters are just as complex and the cast members who portray them – Meher Mistry (Lovelin), Avantika Akerkar (Avan), and Gaurav Sharma (Zed) – were just as brilliant in playing their parts.

The Truth is a funny play and you’ll find your eyes and ears glued to the stage. The dialogues are clever and the narrative is conversational. Immersive as it is, you’ll feel embarrassed for the characters when “the truth” comes out, which is definitely not what you’d think it would be.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Towards the end, we’d have liked for the other director Ratna Pathak Shah to take a bow on the stage so we could greet the lady with a round of standing ovation. Yes, that’s all that could’ve been better.

Why You Should Watch:

It’s a class act yet again from one of the most revered theatre companies, Motley. The cast and the story are amazing. It feels like a privilege to watch Naseeruddin Shah in action, in his natural habitat – the stage. The Truth is funny, entertaining, and captivating. Motley plays usually sell out pretty quickly so don’t waste any more time and book your tickets right away.