Dora, a cartoon character has been immensely popular amongst children for her adventure trips. Her teaching abilities have been applauded by renowned education consultants around the world as she makes learning fun for preschoolers and increases their cognitive skills. Dora within a short span, from the time of its premiere on TV, became a numero uno show for preschoolers. Not just Dora but the monkey, the backpack, the map, the fox, all have become best friends of children around the world.

While you plan to take your child to enjoy the LIVE performance of the little lady explorer, here are some fun facts you shouldn’t miss.
  1. Dora, the character, was initially named as Tess.
  2. Boots, Dora’s sidekick, was born out of the need to have someone who is younger to Dora as well as someone who can stand-in for the viewers.
  3. Dora always uses three locations on the map and the words are repeated three times. The number -three- is a magic number as it is often used in the series so that memorizing and understanding the information becomes easy for the preschoolers.
  4. Dora is marketed in 151 markets around the world and broadcasted in 30 different languages.
  5. Before the show goes on air, the episode is shown to atleast 75 preschoolers.
  6. Voiceover for map and swiper are given by same actor, Marc Weiner.
  7. Dora is confered with many awards which includes 16 times Emmy Nomination.
  8. It takes more than a year to produce one episode of Dora as over 300 people work on it.
  9. Till date over 20 educational and cultural consultants have worked on the series.
  10. Celebs too have confessed to have taken Dora’s help to build a relationship with their children-Salma Hayek, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- to name a few.

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