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Gandhi Ne Kaha Tha….

Yes, that is what the play is called. The play is based on Mahatma Gandhi's ideology and its presence in the post-independence scenario. Gandhiji as we all know, was trying to end the communal violence that had been spreading across India. What maybe we didn’t know was that Gandhi had a follower-Tarkeshwar Pandey. Tarkerhwar Pandey, although just a follower, had an important role to play during the freedom struggle. This play traces the journey of him & his family, while reflecting the changes that took place in the next 4 decades in the post-independence India.The play tries to delve into questions about the ideology carried forward by the man who is popularly known as the father of the nation. It also throws insights on non-violence and its relevance in the contemporary India- the very same India which is unfortunately infested by communal, religious, and ethnic biases and hatred.

So you might wonder as to why is it so important to have plays on Gandhiji so often? Why is it so essential to re-impose the power of non-violence and the supremacy of love? Well, if we ponder a little, we’ll realize how we as people and we as a nation, are a little lost. We often in our anger and our passions, our zest and our pace, lose a track of what is right and what is not. In a world so competitive and cut-throat, ethics and beliefs tend to take a back seat. We might want to stick up for it, we might want to fight for it, but then somehow, survival instincts kick in and we are lost again.

An aide-mémoire sometimes might just do the trick, won’t it? Maybe it will help to wake up the real you and maybe you will be motivated to be the best that you can be! ‘Gandhi ne kaha tha’ is one of the most anticipated plays in Mumbai With tickets available on popular platforms like BookMyShow, this is one play which you should not be missing!