If a person falls out of a first storey window and dies, how should their friends and family react?

Some answers to this oddly specific question may be found in the play Good Mourning, directed by Deven Khote and written by Kavi Shastri. The play follows a motley group of individuals who meet to console Laila, whose partner Rahul has just died in the aforementioned manner. As the group meets and the alcohol flows, grief gives way to suspicion. Tempers flare, wild accusations are traded and the true nature of the relationships between the members of the group is exposed.

Director Deven Khote said that he and writer Kavi Shastri started off writing a play with a completely different premise when he began to tell Shastri about the death of a friend’s father. The bereaved person’s friends gathered for a condolence visit, which took a bizarre turn. The story resonated with Shastri, who knocked off a first draft of the script for Good Mourning within a couple of days.

Khote said that the humour in the play does not come from death or funerals, but in the reactions of people in the aftermath and that humour is a tool to help people move past their grief. In the play, seven characters have just returned from the crematorium. They’re friends who are as close as family and also just as unafraid to speak their minds about the situation.

The cast includes well-known names from the English stage such as Sohrab Ardeshir, comedian Anu Menon, Zafar Karachiwala and Aseem Hattangady.”

Good Mourning will premiere at Sophia College Auditorium on Friday, August 23 at 7.30pm.