There is a certain quality about masks that make people underneath comfortable. Be it the fact that it help conceal their true emotions or be it the fact that they can choose what gets portrayed on the outside- masks in essence have a charm to themselves. Seldom would you have heard of masks that actually assist the human in revealing true sentiments or un-hiding what they’ve wanted to hide. Taking a break from this belief, is a play, Hotel Paradiso where every character is in a mask-a mask that not only best defines the character, but a mask that is a part of their personality altogether.

The dramatic play is about strange things which continually happen at Hotel Paradiso. In spite of being a four star hotel with a fairly good repute, the owners are already fighting for controlling rights. The maid steals valuables from the guests and the cook does a lot more than just cooking. Suddenly a corpse turns up leaving everything amiss. Some fatal events occur too. Also corpses are bad for business so the hotel business declines as well. What do you think will happen next?

The most unique bit about this play however is that all the performers are wearing masks and even through the masks, they yet manage to portray the myriad of human emotions. During the entire duration of the play, not even a word is spoken nor any facial muscles visibly exercised. In spite of this, you’ll feel all the grief, horror, sexual desire or happiness that the play has to offer.

With twenty years of experience in theatre and having now perfected the art of masked performance, Familie Flöz, the team who have brought this play for the audiences are as perfect as they can get. With slapstick yet intelligent humour in place, Hotel Paradiso is undoubtedly one of their best performances. Every character (although confusing) give an edge to the story that not only moves swiftly (hence leaving no space for boredom) but also takes unexpected turns and brings welcome surprises.

With tickets to this play available on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow, Hotel Paradiso might not be your favourite destination to stay at, but it’s definitely good for a break in your busy day!

Written By: Nikita Mehta