After hitting fame and fortune for his revolutionary discovery of “Porty”, a portable toilet that cleans up your shit, England-returned Indian scientist Anmol Anand is overcome by patriotism and decides to serve his motherland by standing for elections in Mumbai. The poster boy has become the talk of the town, “he’s a rockstar who’s got your mother, your maid, your media, and your maniacs rooting for him”. Of course local strongman, Balram Shankar, perceiving him as a potential threat, digs out some slimy dingy secrets of the Golden Boy to malign him. Not to be let down so easily, Anand’s team will also twist wrists for damage control.

Nayantara Roy written and directed play, DIRTY TALK, is a hilarious mockery of the hypocrisy that dwells in the hearts of the electorate and the Indian voters. Easily swayed and quickly lapping up every “created” story by the belligerent press, the public bases its fickle judgments on irrelevant grounds that have now come to form the very fabric of society. Is a politician more desi because his family has served the public for three decades (although he secretly indulges in white wine with all his meals)? Or do you prefer a young dynamic IITian with avant-garde ideas but has skeletons in his closet?  This play will dig out the dirt on EVERYONE.

Kept simple and impactful, there is minimalistic use of props and highly effective and efficient use of lighting and slides. All the actors received a standing ovation for their moving performances. Definitely a MUST-WATCH!

Let’s openly discuss all the crass of the classes & the masses. DIRTY TALK. Let the unmasking begin!

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