A prodigious child actor turned leading lady, the face behind Mughal-E-Azam’s gorgeous Anarkali, Bollywood’s Marilyn Monroe, the Venus of Indian cinema – these are just a few of the titles we have for the late actress and cinematic legend Madhubala. Today, on the event of her 86th birth anniversary, it’s time to remember the brilliant Bollywood icon.

Born on Valentine’s Day, Indian cinema’s most beautiful has been stealing hearts for many generations. She began her epic career at just nine years old with the 1942 film Basant. Before going on to win fans over with her elegance and grace in nearly 70 movies, she made her breakthrough with Kamal Amrohi‘s Mahal, which released in 1949.

Now, around half a century after we lost this timeless Indian icon, fans have flooded social media in memoriam of Madhubala on her birthday.

Even Google set out to honor Madhubala with a stunning Google Doodle designed by Bangalore-based artist Muhammed Sajid. She looks as charming as ever, just the way we remember her from her celebrated role as Anarkali in Mughal-E Azam.

Bollywood’s ultimate magnum opus, Mughal-E-Azam was a milestone moment not just in Madhubala’s career but also for Indian cinema. It was one of the most famed and most expensive movies in Bollywood history and it featured the actress in her best element. As Anarkali, she not only blew us away with her talent and beauty but also with her undeniably brilliant chemistry with her co-star Dilip Kumar.

That being said, there’s no better way to pay tribute to the beauty of her most beloved role than with the on-stage adaptation of Mughal-E-Azam that is equally as extravagant and magnificent the legendary movie. You can witness Madhubala’s Anarkali come back to life as you enjoy the timeless tale of Mughal-E-Azam when it hits the JLN stadium stage in Delhi from 6th April onwards. As you lay in wait for the charming musical, check out our review of this on-stage spectacle. If you’re an SBI card holder you can book your exclusive pre-sale tickets right now or you can begin booking your tickets from 19th February onwards >>

*The set featured image has been taken from Google Doodles.