B-town has been soaring with persistent complaints from the filmmakers who aren’t given much space when it comes to children’s films. The films that visually-appeal and mentally soothe the inquisitive minds have been noted to have had a marginal success in India. The major reason cited by many is the interactive kids’ programs running on TV. Exactly 13 years ago, when the Teletubbies in Teletubbyland got boring, when Tiny TV got redundant, when Big Bag went off-air, Dora The Explorer took stead. Accompanied with a purple backpack and a monkey friend, Boot, Dora held the reins to educate and entertain kids around the world.

Dora was born as Tess and had been created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh and Eric Weiner. She was to be a Latina, bilingual kid who would dispense the knowledge to her peers in a fun-filled manner. The caricature of Dora developed to represent the diversity of Latin culture has gone beyond the cultural fences and has been produced in more than 10 foreign languages from around the globe, including Hindi. With Hindi as a medium of conversation, the Indian Dora helps her viewer friends get acquainted with English phrases and terms as well as, numbers. The show which basically targets pre-schoolers has become immensely-popular amongst the toddlers and has also been helping parents connect with their children. Salma Hayek was once heard saying, “I Love Dora” and she confessed that Dora had been an immense help to connect with her child and has been a part of her relationship with her child.

Dora the Explorer usually embarks on varied quests that take her to a king’s court, first day of school or in a fairy tale. This makes the show extremely educative, entertaining and interactive. With the help of her animal friends, map, satchel, peering glasses, she solves riddles and puzzles, all the while making viewers familiar with foreign terms and numbers. Dora presents universal stories which makes learning fun for the pre-schoolers. Such is the impact of the show that children believe that Dora is their friend, in real life.

The makers of the show understand how great a responsibility it is to teach a toddler, to mould them into smart individuals, and to give a foundation which is why the makers make it a point to run the show for over 75 pre-schoolers before it is aired on TV.

Looking at the popularity of the show, video games have been released and the makers plan to take the show to a new level by bringing a tweenage aka pre-teen Dora with a spin-off of the show called “Dora and friends: Into the City”. The show is likely to debut in 2014.

Watch Dora come to life at the stage show happening in Delhi’s Siri Fort from 27th to 30th December. Book your tickets here.



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