Based on a play by Vijay Tendulkar, adapted by Rakesh Bedi and directed by Harbansh Singh, Massage by Rakesh Bedi takes you on a common man’s adventure of life. There are 24 characters in this play, all of which are played by Rakesh Bedi

What’s Massage About: 

Massage is a story of Happy Singh who comes to the city of dreams – Mumbai – with a goal to become an actor. Instead of working as a struggling actor, he becomes the fourth assistant director to filmmaker Kohli whose forte is masala movies. With no pay and surviving on minimum transport allowance, Happy meets various people becoming the fodder for some very interesting stories; be it the quintessential Punjabi director, the heroine, or the heroine’s mother who almost molests him. Seeing that his life is going nowhere, he quits on a whim and becomes a gym instructor, meeting women from different walks of life. The next adventure in his life starts when he becomes a famous masseur.

What Works: 

A master craftsman, Rakesh Bedi can give any comedy actor a run for his money. Such is his energy level and finesse that the audience can actually visualize the scenes that are being narrated. With a bare minimum stage setting that includes a chair, a bench, and a door structure that represents his chawl entrance, this one-man show takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The lighting and background sound effects are powerful in the narration as there are no props used for the most part of the play.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

One would not find anything amiss in this play. However, this particular show was improvised a bit by Mr. Bedi and the original two-act play was made into one. The audience can only wonder what other adventures Happy Singh went on.

Why You Should Watch: 

This play will certainly uplift your mood and your heart. It has everything you need from a play – the right amount of emotions, political satire, social commentary, slapstick comedy, imitations, toilet humor, and of course, Rakesh Bedi. He gets the much-deserved standing ovation at the end of each show, such is his versatility. Watch this show if you’re a fan or if you simply want to see why people love him so much.