Mumbai, this week some rib-tickling comedy plays are lined up! You will have a hard time choosing your pick. So, we decide to make it easy for you! We have hand-picked three awesome comedy plays for you to choose from. Here you go!

1. The Way I See It
Written and directed by Shiv Subrahmanyam, The Way I See It is especially for all those forty-something women out there. The play is a one-woman show, acted by Divya Jagdale, about life in general, including all the issues, both small and big things, that a forty-something married woman experiences in her daily life. It is a funny and satirical take at how she looks at the world and the world looks at her, how she manages and balances between her marriage and self-realization and how she courses her path between independence and responsibility. But, all this will be conveyed in a light and humorous way. The play will be staged at the Cuckoo Club by the Hive, Bandra on 31 st of July. Ladies! you gonna love it!

2. T-Pot Production's – Chaar Small
Drawing inspiration from Bollywood, T-Pot Production's Chaar Small contains four first-hand short stories, namely Do Deewaney Iss Sheher Mein, Lash-ting Impression, Daddu Tiwari and Ghar Ghar. While the first one is a love story, the second story chronicles the progression of a pothole located outside a residential colony. The third piece is about constancy in the wake of change. This story is heavily inspired by a Bollywood musical. The last story, Daddu Tiwari and Ghar Ghar maps the mindset of a migrant child as he grows into an adult. All the pieces use live singing and music against the backdrop of a bar on stage. The play is all set to get unveiled at the Prithvi theatre this Saturday. This play is anything but small!

3. Tamasha's Waiting for Naseer
Waiting for Naseer is all about theatre. It is a celebration of theatre, of acting, of passion and of life itself. This English Comedy play is about two theatre enthusiasts who are so absorbed by their passion for theatre, that it even follows them to death. Set at the Prithvi theatre, the play tells the story of two actors, an experienced, but never-famous thespian and a young, barely-been- on-stage. Both are dead and have been given the chance to meet Naseeruddin Shah, who is important to both of them for different reasons. But, only one ticket is entitled to them. Who will meet Naseer is yet to be seen on 31 st July at Prithvi Theatre.

Choose your pick and book tickets, while they last!