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Be a Part of Goldilocks’ Adventure!

The story of Goldilocks and 3 Bears is a familiar one. It is a classic tale about a young girl and her adventure as she ventures off one afternoon to take a walk in the forest. There she has an encounter with a hunter who captures and trains animals, who eventually perform in a Circus. Goldilocks is all set to complain to the forest department but soon realizes that it is impossible to free herself from this cruel hunter, but with her quick thinking and smart moves, she manages to escape and wanders into the home of 3 bears. Much to the surprise of the 3 bears, they discover the outcome of what Goldilocks had done to their porridge but were equally delighted to see their house spick and span. After a lovely farewell from the bears, Goldilocks returns to her own house. But in her absence, the 3 bears are kidnapped and taken to the circus. Now what will happen next?

Well, considering it is never too late to experience childhood all over again, The Canvas Laugh club and team have curated an interesting musical story of Goldilocks and 3 Bears. This play not only comes with all the childhood memories, but also with a lot of dances, comedy and action. The sets are beautifully designed & the fluffy and bright costumes add to the adore. The vibe of the play is catchy and fun, & the play also comes with important messages for children, thus building up the learning process.

Being one of the most loved childhood stories, this musical has topped the popularity charts in the shows for kids this season. Adding to this, the team of Canvas Laugh Club has been credited for bringing to the audiences, shows which are not only memorable but also one-of-a-kind.

With tickets to this musical available on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow , it’s time to get ready to experience this adventurous journey with Goldilocks as she is all set to free her friends. Goldilocks and 3 bears is a complete family entertainer with foot tapping music, dances, & funny and humorous tricks, which make this journey a thrilling and exciting experience for one and all.