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6 Plays You’ve Got To Watch This Month

Theatre is soon catching up with the movies on its masala quotient. To attract audiences, even plays are now focusing on comedy, rather than being the political and social platform it once was. Companies are creating productions that will entertain the audience, not just give them something to think about. This has worked wonderfully for the likes of Aadyam and Rajat Kapoor, which attract crowds from all over Mumbai. And yet, there are theatre lovers who have not taken kindly to these changes. For those and the crowd pleasers, here are a list of plays that we have seen, and can guarantee you’ll enjoy. Check them out:


Hey Ram Nathuram

Hey Ram Nathuram plays in July - BookMyShow

If controversy is your middle name, you have to watch this play based on the book by Gopal Godse, the brother of Nathuram Godse. The play goes on for three hours, delving into the life of the man who assassinated Gandhi and his strong fundamentals. Catch the play at Shivaji Mandir in Dadar this Saturday. Theatre lovers must not miss this! 


Amar Akbar Akoori

Amar Akbar Akoori plays in July - BookMyShow

If you are looking for some light entertainment, Silly Point Production is back with their comedy, this time at a new venue. The play starring its regulars – Danesh IraniDanesh Khambatta, and Sajeel Parakh – will stage at Royal Opera House Theatre this month. Catch the show on Sunday, and if you miss this one, there’s another show at St. Andrews Auditorium next Sunday.


Tamaasha's Blank Page

Tamaasha's Blank Page plays in July - BookMyShow

Sunil Shanbag and his team’s celebration of poetry is not to be missed by aesthetes. More of a performance than a play, Blank Page interprets poetry through drama, song, music and movement. Some poems narrated in the performance include The PactMansaneUnder Trial Prisoners and Masarrat. Catch it at Tamaasha Studio in Andheri on Saturday, July 15.


Anand Express

Anand Express plays in July - BookMyShow

Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah’s prodigy, Vivaan Shah takes the stage with this comedy, presented by Aadyam. Joining him on this emotional roller coaster are Chaitnya SharmaSiddharth Kumar, and Sukant Goel. Catch the show in your city on the 22nd and 23rd of July, at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in NCPA.


Bandish 20 – 20000Hz

Bandish 20 - 20000Hz plays in July - BookMyShow

Another Aadyam play, this musical has been written and directed by Purva Naresh. The title means 'composition' in Indian Classical music, and it also ‘to be bound by something’. 20 – 20,000 Hz is the limit of frequency a human ear can hear. The play brings out both the meanings in a beautiful way. Music lovers can catch it this month at St. Andrews Auditorium in Bandra.


Mumbai vs Mumbai

Mumbai vs Mumbai plays in July - BookMyShow

Zubin Driver’s drama is a presentation of six monologues from the director’s book 'Falling Indians' that explore and celebrate life in Mumbai. While the play initially starred Jaydeep ShettyLopamudra Mohanty, and Divyesh Vijayakar, the latter has been replaced by Raghav Srivastava. Suburbans can watch it at OF10 in Powai on July 29. 


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