If you don’t watch plays, you need to start now! Bombay has several performance spaces that stage plays every weekend, if not every day. Most of you think plays are boring, and you’d watch a movie instead. Well, you have to give theatre a try before you make any assumptions. Watching a live performance is a fantastic experience. Wouldn’t you rather watch your favorite musician live than listen to their voice over a crowd at the pub? In theatre, you get to see top artists perform in front of you, and if you’re one of the early birds, you might even catch a seat that gives you the best view.

If you want to watch a play this month, here are some of our top favorites that are making a comeback. Take a look:

Amar Photo Studio

We watched this play when it staged last month, and we guarantee that it is a treat for the Marathi audience. Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, the play boasts a promising star cast that keeps you entertained till the very end. It is a play for all ages and leaves the audience in splits with the actors’ punch lines and comic timing, especially Amey Wagh. Catch it this weekend, at Yashwant Natya Mandir in Matunga.

Ladies Special

It’s the women’s special this weekend. Priyanka Chopra’s first Hollywood movie hits theatresWonder Woman praises the first female superhero, and the Sarita Joshi-starrer stages once again at Prabodhankar Thackeray Audi in Borivali. Suburbians, do not miss this true story of a brave and undeterred woman. Book your tickets now!

Ladies Special - BookMyShow

Hey Ram Nathuram

If controversy is what interests you, you have to watch this play based on the book by Gopal Godse, the brother of Nathuram Godse. The play goes on for three hours, delving into the life of the man who assassinated Gandhi and his strong fundamentals. Central suburbians can catch this play in Thane or Dombivali next weekend

The Darkroom 2.0 – An Immersive Theatre Experience

If you do not enjoy a regular play experience, it’s time you tried something new. When you go to watch The Darkroom 2.0, you will be blindfolded and led into a room, where you can hear many eerie whispers and sounds. You are ushered to your spot and then the magic begins! Watch stories by MantoPremchand and Chugtai in a unique manner every weekend this month.

Code Mantra

Rajesh Joshi’s courtroom drama has been staging every month for as long as we know and still runs houseful shows. We finally caught the play last month and understood what made the audience go back for more shows. This grand production is one of the most expensive plays in Gujarati theatre, with its breathtaking use of set and sound. Catch it on the 11th at Juhu’s Bhaidas Auditorium.


The Mirror Merchants are bringing back their dark comedy that was staged earlier this year. If you ever had a flair for acting or dreamed of making it big in Bollywood, you mustn’t miss this play. Tracking the lives of struggling actors, Andheri gives you an insight into the murky reality of the film industry. Catch it next weekend, or on the 25th in a quaint little studio in – you guessed it – Andheri!

Andheri - BookMyShow


Speaking of grand productions, AGP is back with the Saurabh Shukla-starrer at the end of the month. Get ready to be transported to a wintry Kashmir, while sitting comfortably in TATA TheatreSadiya Siddiqui and Sunil Palwal will have you hooked with their performances and the chilling story will question your notions of reality and belief. Watch it on the 24th at the NCPA!

The Scent of a Man

If you haven’t watched a play by AGP yet, make this adult comedy your first. Staging on the 18th of this month, the play stars popular actors such as Bhavna PaniDeven KhoteSuchitra Pillai, and Ashwin Mushran. If humor helps you relax, this dose of repartee, wit, and sarcasm is exactly what you need on a weekend. Catch it at the Tata Theatre in NCPA!


Even if you haven’t watched this play already, you’re bound to have seen the movie. Well, this play is just a grander, more surreal version of the film. Many aspects of the cinematic version have been used in this musical, including the music, songs, and even the costumes, which have been designed by Manish Malhotra. Catch the stage musical from the 24th at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in NCPA!

A Perfect Couple

Unconventional couples are a new fad. This play of many years has been exploring the relationship between two men and comes back every time to a houseful audience. We managed to watch it two years ago and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Infused with humor and the brilliant comic timing, the actors are bound to crack you up. Watch it at CLAP Malad on the 25th of June!