Plays Playing In Pune Worth Watching

In the last few years, Pune has really emerged as a city that can be the next epicenter for arts and culture. And this claim is backed by one simple reason. The quality of events happening in the city of Pune. If you were to focus on one, then the Plays happening in the city are really trying to move past the norms and present to the audience something that they will continue contemplating even after the play is over. So in this article let's delve into the many plays happening in the city.

Let’s go through the many different plays happening in the city of Pune.

Amar Photo Studio
The play revolves around the life of a young couple who happen to be quite intrigued about their past and are always worried about the future. They both decide to go their separate ways but find themselves up in Amar Photo Studio. This is where things take a turn as the owner of the studio takes them on a roller coaster ride. This ride takes them to the past where they encounter interesting characters and take life lessons from these characters. When they come back to the present they decide that going separate ways is not the right thing to do.

Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi
The Play revolves around the story of a couple, Arun Nagarkar (Mangesh Kadam) and his wife Vandu (Leena Bhagwat). They have completed about 35 years of their married life. The Play has both Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat who have acted with a level of maturity and made their performances very notable.

Wada Chirebandi
Wada Chirebandi is the first amongst the trilogy created by Mahesh Elkunchwar. The play is a theatrical presentation of a family that is based out of the rural Vidarbha. The play is a family drama. Wada Chirebandi talks about the various intricacies of aspects of human relationships and human qualities. The play is a thought provoking one and will lend you some perspective on life as a whole.

Punchliners: Stand Up Comedy Show Feat. Vipul Goyal
This one is not a play but it is too funny to not be on the list. If you are not aware of the phenomena that Vipul Goyal is, then there is a really good chance that you have been off the grid for quite some time. An electrical engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, he is one of the more popular and main writers for the super popular 'The Viral Fever'. This is India's first online TV that is catered towards the youth of the country. So don’t miss out on this.

The above mentioned events are only a glimpse of the whole package that the popular city of Pune has to offer. To book tickets for the above events and more just head to our website.