Raell Padamsee is back with the popular play starring the talented Rohit Roy and Mona Singh. Unfaithfully Yours follows the love story of a couple that slowly falls more and more in love with each other over a span of 25 years and counting. The only hitch? These two lovers are happily married and not to each other. This is a story of a romantic adulterous affair.

What’s Unfaithfully Yours About:

Akash (Rohit Roy) and Namanpreet (Mona Singh) meet at a wedding in Goa, where the night ends with them having a one-night stand. Their instant chemistry makes them return to the hotel room every year, which soon becomes their little piece of heaven. As the years pass by, they embark on an interesting romantic journey with each other. Meeting in that very hotel room every year, they enjoy each other’s company and also escape their normal lives with kids, jobs, and a marriage – for just a weekend.

What Works:

Unfaithfully Yours comes with an interesting premise that weaves a romantic tale from an unexpected situation. Although the relationship between Akash and Preet may be based on infidelity, what blossoms is a romance that most people can only dream of. It is tender, cute, packed with romance, and most importantly, it is realistic.

On their yearly getaway, the two don’t just share a bed but also begin to confide in each other – physically and emotionally. As the world around them begins to evolve, they continue to share their lives, dreams, hopes, and more. We can completely relate to these two normal people just wanting to escape their regular lives and just find solace in each other.

This comes through beautifully, mostly because of the brilliant chemistry that Rohit Roy and Mona Singh share. They look great on stage together and share a believable romantic vibe. Mona’s character is youthful, vivacious, and full of wit, while Rohit’s character is an adorable and unapologetic gentleman. And they both do a great job of keeping us entertained with their brilliant acting and fun dialogues.

What Could’ve Been Better:

It’s difficult to root for an adulterous love affair and some might not be too pleased with the premise. But director Raell Padamsee depicts the lust with two extremely relatable characters and believable stories. You can understand where they’re coming from and you can feel their relationship, which started off being physical, turn into a deep, emotional bond.

Why You Should Watch:

With Ace Production’s Unfaithfully Yours, Raell Padamsee continues to impress us. This unusual light-hearted romance is just as much a fun escape for you as it is for the characters in the play.