After a successful run of shows earlier this year, Disney’s Aladdin is back on the floorboards! Get ready to be transported to a whole new world with the Broadway-style musical and world-class production made entirely in India. Expect spectacular sets, special effects, including a wow-worthy magic carpet ride sequence, and Alan Menken’s beloved original score. This classic fantasy has been reimagined with the best of local cast and creative talent and will take place once again at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre this December.

If you are still wondering whether you should watch this superhit musical live, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you should book your tickets right away!

1. BookMyShow is reimagining the magical fable for India.

BookMyShow is the producer for the Indian production of this Disney smash hit and will bring to life the magic of this fable once again on the Indian stage.

2. A ‘world-class’ entertainment on the Indian stage.

Disney’s Aladdin has enchanted audiences in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. With worldwide acclaim and appreciation, this live musical was highly appreciated in its first run by audiences who desire grand and global style of entertainment on the Indian stage.

3. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The Indian production of Disney’s Aladdin boasts of extravagant sets, lavish costumes, beautifully choreographed sequences, and mesmerizing special effects that will instantly transport the audiences into the magical world of Agrabah. And with the best of Indian talent working hard to bring the fable to life on the stage, it’s will be something one shouldn’t miss!

4. A universal story

Disney’s Aladdin’s weaves together a beautiful story of friendship and romance and it’s the universally appealing storyline that makes it resonate with audiences across the globe and all age-groups. Like the other renditions, the Broadway-style musical of Disney’s Aladdin will be a magical journey that you wish wouldn’t end.

5. Fun for the entire family

The uniqueness of Disney’s shows lies in its wholesome appeal. A timeless story, the sweet romance between Aladdin and Jasmine, a dash of humor and magic, and Aladdin and Genie’s amazing adventures, this live musical has something for everyone.

6. The magic of music (and live singing)

Originally produced by Disney Theatrical Productions, the show features music by Alan Menken, and lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. The music for the Indian production has been recreated by the very talented Dhruv Ghanekar. The music is grand, fantastic and magical. Sung live by the cast with oodles of talent, these songs will be enlivened further through exhilarating and energetic dance performances.

7. Extravagant sets

From city streets and town squares of Agrabah to lavish, gold and jewel encrusted palaces to the magical Cave of Wonders, the sets of Disney’s Aladdin will transform the NCPA stage into a fantastical city and audiences will be mesmerized with the magnificence.

8. Exquisite costumes

To complement the magical setting, the ensemble cast will don colorful costumes and undergo several quick changes to add more magic and grandeur to the Broadway-style musical.

9. The Genie, obviously!

Who doesn’t need a friend like Genie in their lives? He is magical, has an unmatched sense of humor and is always happy to help his friend out. Genie’s act will be undoubtedly something to watch for, especially his appearance from the magical lamp.

10. Aladdin and Jasmine’s sweet romance

Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship evolves from friendship to love, thus their story has inspired many and found a special place in everyone’s hearts. Watching this Disney couple go on a journey and discover a whole new world, will fill the audiences’ hearts with love, melody, and magic.

So get ready for a slice of magic live at the NCPA this December. Book your tickets right here!