We’ve seen it in the movies, a man with two wives and always wondered how it could ever work only to conclude that it doesn’t. Well, Rishi Mehta’s Indian adaptation of Ray Cooney’s “Run For Your Wife” will also conclude the same but with bundles of laughter and a lot of entertainment. The show was staged at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate.


Some men complain about handling one woman but the protagonist of this play, Sabby Gill handles two women until his luck runs out. He is on a tight schedule to manage two wives – Mona who lives in Defence Colony and Kuljeet who lives in Lajpat Nagar. With independent, earning wives, he drives a taxi to earn his “pocket money” and live a double life. But one night, he gets into an accident because of which his schedule goes for a toss. The two women, very much in love with their husband, file an FIR. When the two police inspectors arrive the whole situation snowballs into a hilarious chaos with Sabby trying to juggle too many “stories” and two many wives who want a piece of him. This is ensued by a very hysterical event of him running from one house to another with his friend Lucky who jumps in to help while also trying to learn the tricks of his trade.


A mix of situational comedy and slapstick humor, the play had the audience in splits. The loud Punjabi wife is contrasted with the sophisticated Def Col Mona perfectly. Sabby Gill’s character will be relatable to anyone who has ever lied and got caught in a comic web of lies. Both the actors who portray the character of Sabby and Lucky give on-point expressions and their antics are hilarious. The show ends with a dance performance by the cast, which is something new.


The play is without any break, which might have made some people antsy. There was some stereotyping of the gay community and the director emphasizes that these are to be taken in a lighter vein, with a pinch of salt.


It is a light comedy with a lot of relatable situations. The actors are brilliant, making the audience laugh with sometimes just their expressions and shrieks. This play starts off by getting you in a happy mood and ends in making you laugh like a maniac.

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