Rusty Screws: Play Review

Everyone has found themselves torn between various aspects of their lives at some point or another. Most of us are often juggling between getting everything perfect in our life that mostly revolves around work-home-family-work and so on. So what happens when life itself questions you back on the choices you have made? Who decides what is right, and what is wrong, what’s on priority and what’s not? Rusty Screws, written and directed by Meherzad Patel, is the story of a man, Rustam Screwvala (hence Rusty Screws), who ‘un’ balances everything in his seemingly normal life. Like a true-to-his-job professional, he focuses entirely on an aspect that is mostly a variant. It’s rare to find a man who would have worked at one company all his life, especially owing to the fact that we lead extremely demanding and competitive lives in today’s day and age.

Starring well-known faces from the theatre circuit, namely, Siddharth Merchant, Fauzeh Jalali, Max Fernandes, Sajeel Parakh, Afshad Kelawala, Danesh Khambata and in a very special appearance, Boman Irani*, this play is a laugh-riot all the way. It talks about the deeper meaning of life through its witty one-liners and puns. This, for obvious reasons, works in the favor of the play, as it’s better to gulp a bitter medicine when you take a spoonful of sugar with it. 
Speaking of the direction and the technical aspects, yes, we know it is staged, and while you don’t feel transported into a certain ‘scene’, the message comes blaring across loud and clear. A dysfunctional family who can’t live with or without each other. A usual day at the office. And an evening out with friends. The play has all three elements that have been blended together quite craftily. It’s the moment of truth that shall tug at your heartstrings. Most of all, wait for the family, the friends and the other characters break into a ‘rhapsody’ at the end of this theatrical presentation. 
*Bollywood actor Boman Irani returned to stage after 10 years to play two vital characters at different points in the play. Rusty Screws, presented by Silly Point Productions, took place at NCPA, Mumbai on Sunday, June 01, 2014. The play was a fundraiser for the 150-year celebration of St Mary’s School. The entire cast, along with the writer-director are alumni.

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