Wherever you go, your shadow follows. But what if, for a change, you followed your shadow? Where will it take you? Are you both excited and nervous to find out? Then Alchemy Theatre Group will take you on a fun ride with a colorful play called Shadows. Written by Thantika Tappadit, the play has been adapted for stage by Heeba Shah (also director) and Phulmani Varma. The director’s brother, Vivaan Shah, stars as the main lead of this 50-minute semi-interactive drama.

What’s Shadows About:

The play begins in a classroom, where the teacher is taking a class on ‘shadows’. Her textbook explanation of the phenomenon does not bode well with the pupils, and one of them (Vivaan Shah) breaks the fourth wall to take the audience into another story. Next, we see a busy market where Vivaan’s character gets away with stealing a woman’s purse. He even manages to evade the policeman, but one person follows him everywhere he goes – his shadow! As night falls, his shadow is headed to the Shadow Castle, where all shadows congregate before the Shadow King. Having interacted with his shadow, Vivaan now wants to go along with him, unknowing that a number of adventures lie ahead for him – some that will heal his kleptomania forever.

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Catch this play at Prithvi Theatre.

What Works:

Shadows is a play for everyone above the age of three. Children, especially, will enjoy the various characters, their interactions with the audience, and the fun they have on stage. Vivaan is exceptionally brilliant in his role, keeping the tempo up with every scene. He shines in the play and even stands out among his co-actors. The story is engaging, has a simple message, and has been conveyed beautifully.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Vivaan Shah was so good in his role, he overshadowed the rest of the actors who seemed mellow in their roles compared to him. The dancers also seemed a tad underconfident, but a few more shows should fix that.

Why You Should Watch:

If you want to catch a light play at Prithvi Theatre, Shadows is one to pique your interest. It provides wholesome entertainment – with comedy, music, dance, and a little bit of interactive acting. If you have kids, you must definitely take them for this one.