Aditya Birla Group‘s theatre initiative, Aadyam brings us yet another brilliant theatrical – #SingIndiaSing. This original Indian musical is also India’s first ever reality show musical. Featuring a packed album of original tracks composed by Clinton Cerejo, this unique entertainer opened at NCPA in Mumbai on October 12, 2018.

What’s #SingIndiaSing About:

Owner of Dhoom Dhaam TV and Producer Channel (Uday Benegal) along with hosts Rocky (Brian Tellis) and Dolly (Suchitra Pillai) have found a fresh new take on the regular music reality show. The totally unscripted, social media-centric competition has four final contestants competing to be the ultimate winner of #SingIndiaSing. From hundreds of auditions, the final four include Kitty (Kamakshi Rai) the item girl who started from Dharavi, Vishnu (Siddharth Basrur) the bad boy rocker, Jayashankar aka Jazzy (Tavish Bhattacharyya) a rapper from down south, and Shweta (Sarosh Nanavaty) the mysterious girl with no face. The show leaves the fate of these four artists entirely in the hands of the audience on the internet. There are cameras everywhere and nothing from their past is a secret. As the competition progresses and starts to get tougher, Channel is ready to do whatever it takes to make the show a smash-hit success. The stakes are now higher than ever and the journey of the hopeful contestants becomes more and more unpredictable. Will the young wannabe artists discover the world of being a celebrity or will they lose themselves in the hunt for fame?

What Works:

Calling itself the country’s first ever reality show musical, this theatrical entertainer is truly one of a kind. The brilliant director Nadir Khan and scriptwriters Rahul daCunha and Bugs Bhargava take an unimaginably unique concept to bring the internet-savvy millennial culture to the stage. This competitive musical uses what we know and love about the stage and take it up a notch to expand the scope of what a theatrical show can achieve. The sets and production designs along with the brilliant lighting are commendable. Along with that, Clinton Cerejo‘s original 28-track album and Bertwin Dsouza‘s choreography are what really makes this show. He brings in a truly diverse mix of compositions including everything from rap, rock, and pop music to Carnatic beats. Above all, it’s the evidently talented cast that brings the music and drama to life. The “Hashtags” played by Naquita D’souza, Delraaz Bunshah, and Abhishek Krishnan add a memorable touch the super delightful show. After the second half of the musical takes an unexpected turn, the audience is actually given the ultimate task of picking the glorious winner. As you cast your vote and the winner is revealed, #SingIndiaSing ends with a bang!

What Could’ve Been Better:

There’s no denying that this musical is high in spirits and very energetic. So it can be expected that there are some moments that might seem fast-paced or speedy as each scene is quickly transitioning.

Why You Should Watch:

#SingIndiaSing has got the original excitement and charm of musicals along with an amusing millennial take on theatre. It is musical theatre like you’ve never seen it before!