If you’ve been watching Marathi plays, there are two things you know for sure – Eka Lagnachi Gosht was one of the best comedy plays in the recent times and Prashant Damle is easily the funniest actor on stage. Eka Lagnachi Gosht told a sweet and simple love story of a couple Manisha and Manoj. Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht is a worthy sequel and just as charming and funny.

What’s Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht About:

It is the year 2018. Mani (Kavita Medhekar) and Manya (Prashant Damle) are now married for 18 years. Manya works hard to make sure that his wife and son have a good life. However, the stress takes a toll on Manya and in turn, their marriage. On their 20th “affair” anniversary, Mani plans a beautiful evening for them but Manya is too bogged down by day-to-day troubles to partake. Manya speaks to his colorful, womanizing colleague Puru (Atul Todankar) about this who gives him a strange solution. Puru asks Manya to get a girlfriend on the side so that Manya can redirect his stress to her and keep Mani happy. Manya reluctantly agrees. Thus begins the transition of a sweet and loyal Manya into a Casanova under Puru’s guidance. However, there is a twist in this tale that we do not see coming.

What Works:

Although Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht is a sequel to Eka Lagnachi Gosht, it’s a great stand-alone play. If you’ve watched the prequel, you’ll love this even more, is all. Prashant Damle’s stage presence is magnetic. His natural acting abilities and comic timing are mostly what make the play so breezy, funny, and charming. His antics and dialogue delivery will make you laugh till your sides hurt and your eyes tear up. Damle reprises Mala Sanga Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kaay Asta and Ti Pari Asmanichi from the prequel. This live rendition is beautiful as Damle is an accomplished singer as well. Kavita Medhekar carries the play with equal panache. Her comic timing is great and her chemistry with Prashant Damle is endearing and perfect. The rest of the cast does well too. This natak has an interesting story and it has been written cleverly. It has just the perfect run-time to keep it crisp and engaging from start to finish.

What Could’ve Been Better:

It’s futile trying to find flaws with a worthy sequel to a formidable Eka Lagnachi Gosht. This is a class act and a quality play – atha pasun itee paryanta.

Why You Should Watch:

As a rule, one must never miss out on a Prashant Damle play. Apart from that, Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht has a good story, great performances, and some terrific comedy that could be a benchmark for others. The tickets for this play sell out quickly so don’t waste any more time. Book tickets for you and your family for the next show of Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht.