Director SN Sethuram has put together a thought-provoking play titled Atheetha, starring Usha Bhandari, Deepa, Shripati Manjanabail, and Sharat Parvathav. The play is based on the concept of right and wrong and how the perception of it highlights one’s character.

What’s Atheetha About:

The play starts with a captivating talk about the life of a famous retired lawyer and how his hard work and effort led him to become one of the most successful lawyers in the country. His success in this field has earned him many awards and he has regularly appeared in the newspapers. As he talks about his life, there arise incidents where the law protects the evil, but at the same time, it questions the moral background behind the decisions of his life as a lawyer. The conversation meanders around the concept of good and evil and leaves the audience with something to think about.

What Works:

Atheetha is a play with a focus on the words carefully narrated by the actors. It evokes one’s perception of good versus evil and how the law can sometimes favor the latter. The stage was simple with only a handful of props but the highlight of the show was the enthusiastic and energetic narration of the script. It will not only make you curious and want to learn more about the characters, but it will also surely make you question the views on morality that you hold and your own thoughts about the lawyer’s life.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The inclusion of a few light-hearted scenes in the play would have helped brighten the nature of this drama and the duration of the play could have been shorter.

Why You Should Watch:

Atheetha is a complex, well-written play with a cast of talented actors and crew. The energetic narration by the actors and the carefully placed witty jokes come together harmoniously to provide an experience to savor and one that you won’t forget. This is a comparatively new play and they are gaining exponential popularity with every performance. This play will attract a lot of Kannada drama enthusiasts, so make sure you book your tickets well in advance.