There are some unwritten rules of behavior. These are not stated in any document, but followed by those of sound mind. And yet, we always find that one idiot who just does not seem to understand. For the benefit of the ones who haven’t been introduced to good manners, we bring this Cinema Going for Dummies you need to check each time you go to the movie theatre

Even if you think you do not belong in that category, give this a read. Sometimes, your actions may be affecting other people, even if you do so unintentionally. Go through our list and see which of these you are guilty of. If so, we suggest you do not repeat them in the future. 

Here are eight things you must remember when you are going to watch a movie:


Do not arrive late. 

Your late arrival affects everyone including yourself. You miss the start, which can be very crucial, especially for movies like Badlapur and Chak De! India. Besides, latecomers tend to cause a lot of commotion, which is unfair to those who come on time and want to concentrate on the movie. 

If you did arrive late, do not waste time finding your seat. 

People in theatres want to watch the movie, not your silhouettes blocking the screen. Do not go around groping seats and flashing your torch lights, while trying to find your reserved seats. Just pick the nearest empty seat and sit there. You can always shift during the interval. 

Do not forget to switch off your phone ringer.

Mobile phones are a nuisance in theatres. Remember to put them on silent mode before the movie starts or on your way to the theater, if you are running late. If your phones rings in the middle of a movie, prepare to face the wrath of the audience. 

Not just the phone, you remain silent too. 

Talking to your neighbor, giving out spoilers, moving too much on a squeaky seat, tapping your foot on the seat ahead, or making any kind of loud noise while eating is extremely annoying to those around you. Try making least amount of sound as possible. 

Do not kick the seat in front of you or use it as a foot rest. 

Most tall people usually do not have enough leg space in theatres. But that does not mean you use the seat in front of you as a foot rest. Bear with it for two hours, or pick a seat that makes you comfortable. Do not kick the seats either, especially if someone is sitting there.  

Do not carry home-made food.

Many people love sneaking food into a theater. Not only is this not allowed in there, but home-made food can leave a smell, which would make those around you uncomfortable. Stick to theatre food, and if you find it too expensive, avoid eating at all. Two hours of hunger won’t kill you. 

Do not leave trash behind. 

If you do buy food at the theatre, do not leave your trash lying on the floor, or in seat handles. Take it with you and chuck it in the trashcan outside. Every theatre has at least one. This makes it easier for the maintenance guys to start the next movie on time. 

Do not bring kids to the theatre. 

Kids are loud. Kids are boisterous. They lack patience to sit through a movie. Chant this in your head every time you think of taking your toddler to a movie theatre with you. It will not only ruin the movie experience for you, but will cause disturbance to everyone else in the theatre. 

Remember these guidelines the next time you go to the theatre. Do not forget to share with your friends to make your movie-watching experience peaceful and pleasant.