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It’s Time for a Princely Performance!

As we have all learnt in our history lessons, our capital by far as been one of those cities which has witnessed the maximum amount of struggle for power and the most of bloodshed as compared to any other reign. Partly due to the fact that it was ruled by many dynasties over the years and partly due to the power that it exudes, Delhi is somehow still in the cynosure of all eyes. The tussle for power still continues and this is exactly what the play is about.

The play in question is ‘Eight Kings, directed by Vikramjeet Sinha. It traces the rule of eight successive kings of Delhi during the time of famous Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya. From an audience perspective, the play explores the disunion of Delhi, where saints and emperors peacefully co-existed through the centuries and became an intrinsic part of its historical and cultural landscape. It very craftily brings out the coexistence of turmoil & spirituality in times gone by & the times foreseen too. In an era of constant power shifting, the play also beautifully brings out the universal feeling called love!

“All these Sultans ruled Delhi in a particular way and they died in a particular way. As they say, history repeats itself and one can see that only love has triumphed at the end,” said Sinha, who debuted as a playwright with this production. Sinha said that though he was inspired by an upcoming book ”Nine Nights and A Million Stars” written by his friend Dhritabrata Bhattacharjya Tato, the storyline of ”Eight Kings” is not the same. ”The book sparked the idea but the story line is entirely different,” he added.

One of the very few history based plays in Mumbai, it has very artistically depicted the transition through different turbans & mannerisms. The lead actor Farhad Colabavala slips into all eight in wonderfully effortless way.

Being played at NCPA in Mumbai, this is one historical play which has managed to up the curiosity of the audiences, about history, in all the right ways possible. With tickets available on popular platforms like BookMyShow, this is one play which has not only been directed well, but also has been performed in an applause-worthy way!