Plays are happening all over the country all the time. While every major city has many prominent theatre groups, it is now common for these groups to travel to other cities to tap into newer audiences. Theatre festivals have become more mainstream, and many groups are now jumping on this bandwagon. Thus, an Aadyam play, which usually opens in Mumbai, later travels to Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities, so theatre lovers there can catch the play too.

As BookMyShow turns 10 in seven days, we bring you seven of the best plays we have watched and loved. If these plays come to your city, you must not give them a miss. Take a look at our top seven here:


Shikhandi – The Story of In-Betweens

Play Review of Shikhandi - BookMyShow

Faezeh Jalali’s play explores the story of the earliest trans-character in mythology. Based on Shikhandi from the Mahabharata, the play deals with the character’s struggle with identity, using rhymes, classical music, traditional dance, and aerial movement. The play is set to come back to the stage in Mumbai next month, so the city dwellers must definitely catch it at the NCPA



Play Review of Mughal-E-Azam - BookMyShow

Feroz Abbas Khan’s theatrical version of the popular movie opened last year to raving reviews. The musical has been staged several times since, to packed audiences who return to catch the romantic saga again and again. After Beauty and the Beast, this was Mumbai’s first Broadway-like spectacle, with elaborate dance sequences and the original songs from the movie.


Waiting for Naseer

Play Review of Waiting for Naseer - BookMyShow

If you are a theatre lover and/or a Naseeruddin Shah fan, you mustn’t miss this comedy by Sapan Saran. Starring Jaimini Pathak and now, Sukant Goel, the play revolves around two dead theatre artists, who want to watch Naseer perform on the Prithvi stage. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and the comedy leaves you in splits.



Play Review of Andheri - BookMyShow

Based on the dark secrets of the film industry, Andheri is unlike any play you have seen before. A dark comedy by The Mirror Merchants, the play tracks the lives of eight struggling actors and a casting director who pulls the strings. While the murky reality of what lies beneath all the glamor of Bollywood is fairly known to all, watching it live on stage is a bittersweet experience.


Ismat Apa Ke Naam

Play Review of Ismat Apa Ke Naam - BookMyShow

If you have never watched Naseeruddin Shah on stage, we suggest you start with this one. Also starring Heeba Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, the trio takes us through three short stories by Ismat Chughtai, adding their own flair to the narration. The stories are not just narrated, but also performed, with a minimal but aesthetic use of set and props.


Code Mantra

Play Review of Code Mantra - BookMyShow

One of the most expensive productions in Gujarati theatre, this courtroom drama lives up to its hype. It transports you to the cold wintry mountains, where the Armed Forces go about their daily training irrespective of the weather. The elaborate set and visuals used in the play give you the chills, making you forget your own surroundings.


Hey Ram Nathuram

Play Review of Hey Ram Nathuram - BookMyShow

Based on the book May It Please Your Honor by Gopal Godse – brother of Nathuram Godse – this Marathi play is as controversial as it gets. It explores of life of the man who assassinated Gandhi, and the values that led him to it. A three-hour play, it keeps you engaged from the start till the very end, with Sharad Ponkshe’s embodiment of the character and his powerful speech as Godse.


In the days before BookMyShow turns 10, we will be giving you the best of Bollywood, Hollywood, regional cinema, and more. So don’t forget to check this space out, and keep counting the days to our big day!