French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve’s Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale we all have heard while growing up. It has been retold in various formats and the most memorable one in the recent past is the Emma Watson starrer, by the same name. Ethiros Theatre Group, headed by Nishil Kamalan, has its own take on the classic. The group is known for the plays like Future Tense(d) and Blueticks and has made A Twisted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast especially for the little ones.

What’s A Twisted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast About:

A Twisted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast is set in Mumbai and it begins with the arrogant prince being turned into an ugly creature. He can become human once again but that is only if he manages to get someone to love him. Giving him company are his friends – clown, mobile, clock, and panda. The beauty enters the home later on and soon begins to doubt the intentions of the clown (played by Kamalan himself). There’s also a bit of a communication problem between the beauty and the prince (you will find out why once you watch the play).

Beauty and the Beast

What Works:

While A Twisted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast is made for a younger audience, it can be equally enjoyed by adults too. It is outright funny and the clown’s shenanigans will crack you up. There’s a game in between the play and at one point the kids are called to the dance floor to shake a leg with the characters. Going by the reactions of the children in the auditorium, it was evident that they were having a blast.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the play is superbly entertaining, it is finally a play for kids. Don’t expect a dark, twisted storyline and you’ll enjoy this one.

Why You Should Watch It:

The Ethiros Theatre Group has once again staged a joyous, entertaining play. A Twisted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast guarantees 45 minutes of hilarity and is a must watch for the young as well as the old.