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5 Reasons To Go Watch Hotel Paradiso

Attention, theatre-lovers! Something exciting is coming your way. Even if you are not a fan of theatre, you need to watch out for this one. As you are reading this, Familie Flöz are preparing to stage their acclaimed play, Hotel Paradiso, for the very first time in India. Based in Germany, Familie Flöz is a theatre company, performing plays all over the world since 1994. Some of their best productions, apart from Hotel Paradiso, include Garage d’Or, Haydi!, Infinita, and Teatro Delusio. They have received a number of awards and appreciation for their productions, with the Scottish Daily Mail describing the upcoming play as ‘a weird & wonderful farce, not to be missed’. But here’s what will really pique your interest in this play:
The Plot and Characters
Think that The Shining had the strangest hotel ever? This one will change your mind. In Hotel Paradiso, you will meet a love-struck man, a kleptomaniac maid, and a cook that can rival Sweeney Todd himself (if you catch our drift). The characters are undoubtedly hilarious, and the fight between a man and his sister to gain control of the hotel will leave you in splits.

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The Ghosts
The hotel is home to more than just living beings. Joining the main characters are a fright of ghosts. Where did they come from? Are they here to stay? Ghosts are bad for business. But they surely make things in the hotel a lot more interesting.  
The Gimmicks
The play uses no words, but provides loads of laughter. This silent dark comedy is the classic style of Familie Flöz, seen in all their plays. The faces of the actors are covered in large cartoon-like masks, leaving their reactions to the imagination of the spectator. In fact, the lack of real expressions and speech only draws your attention to their gimmicky movements. Catch some of it in the trailer here:

Produced by AGP World
If you have watched Blame It On Yashraj, Two to Tango Three to Jive, The Scent Of A Man, and/or Barff, you know what you’re in for. AGP World is known for working with some of the most popular plays, and turning them into grand productions. Rest assured, Hotel Paradiso will be an exclusive artistic experience.
An Indian Twist!
The play may have been made in Germany, but it has been performed internationally, with adaptations for every region in which it was staged. In India, the performance is likely to have influences from Indian culture and Bollywood. The play is also happening around Diwali, so expect a lot of exuberance. Here’s a trailer that gives you a glimpse of the upcoming production:

Hotel Paradiso will be staged across the country from 28th of October to 6th of November. Do check into this bizarre hotel!