Love in the time of landlines was hard enough. Now imagine having an extramarital affair at that time! The confusion and lies can only end up being hilarious. Well, that is what Wrong Number shows. The play is directed by Raman Kumar and has a huge cast of famous actors. 

What’s Wrong Number About: 

The play opens with the narrator introducing the premise of the play. Avinash is having an affair with Kamini, his boss Yashwant Singh’s wife, and makes unbelievable excuses to his wife about his whereabouts. However, his wife, ‘Rajkot ki Ranjana, is already convinced that he is having an affair as they keep getting blank calls on their landline. One day, when he comes drunk at 2 am, she confronts him and as usual, he comes up with the lie that he was comforting Natwar Singh Chaurasia, a colleague who believes that his wife is cheating on him. Parallelly, Yashwant believes Kamini when she tells him that she was with Poonam, Natwar Singh’s wife, who believes that Natwar is cheating on her. The Chaurasias are invited home by Ranjana and Yashwant as they want to help them sort out their differences. The dinner that follows is the ultimate laugh riot as the confusion keeps on mounting. The climax is a total knee-slapper.

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What Works: 

The setting of the play is very unique, where both the households are shown in juxtaposition. The veteran actors played their characters with perfection. Special mention to Delnaz Irani, who brings a whole new depth and dimension to her character with her acting skills. The play has its hilarious moments but it is Delnaz who steals the show with her punchlines. There are a good amount of Bollywood songs, which add to the play’s appeal and entertainment factor.

What Could’ve Been Better: 

While Wrong Number is an entertaining play, the plot is fairly predictable. Some one-liners and jokes are stereotypical but do not fail to make you laugh.

Why You Should Watch: 

Wrong Number is a fun family entertainer. It is the perfect urban comedy with a perfect cast. From Rakesh Bedi as Yashwant Singh, to Avtar Gill as Natwar Singh Chaurasia, and Delnaz Irani as ‘Rajkot ki Ranjana’, everyone brings something unique to their characters. The play is a stress buster with a light theme and hilarious twists and turns.