We're five days away from our 70th Independence Day. How do you plan to celebrate it? Since the holiday falls on a Tuesday, it's kind of a long weekend, if you end up taking the Monday off. Then you have a super long weekend!

This makes it the perfect chance to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life. The rains make for the perfect weather for a drive to a nearby hill station. If you're an adrenaline junkie, consider your weekend sorted. We have listed 10 adventure activities for you to take on the next long weekend, with events around Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. Be careful though, the rainy season also makes things risky, so we advise you to choose wisely and proceed with caution.

1. Enfield Riders: Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition 2017
This grand expedition will be taking place for the next two weekends. The 'Enfield Riders' have been providing motorcycle expedition solutions to corporates and individuals for years. They are market leaders when it comes to Leh-Ladakh Motorcycle Expeditions, with six successful seasons under their belt.

2. Della Adventure
For those who are seeking an adventurous one day trip near Mumbai, Della Adventure lets you have an absolutely thrilling time with a bunch of your friends or family. Numerous activities, all under one roof!

3. Gandikota Adventure Camping and Kayaking
Up for some kayaking? Situated amidst beautiful landscape and wild forests, Gandikota is endowed with vast natural resources. It is also known as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India and is around 300 km from Bangalore.

4. Island Camping at Laknavaram
How about some camping? Laknavaram Cheruvu is a huge lake near Warangal with around 13 islands scattered amidst lush green forests. This serene place is peaceful and a perfect get-away for the day trip.

5. Paramotoring – Fly Sky Adventure
If you want to fly high, if you want to fly like a bird, if you want to touch the sky, then para-motoring in Gurugram is an excellent choice. The thrill of flying in the sky is a great adrenaline rush and a chance to see the landscape below, from a bird's eye view. 

6. Off-Road Adventure Zone (ORAZ)
Ready for some off-road madness? This is the destination for off-road, motorsports and adventure sports enthusiasts with its variety of off-roading obstacle courses, autocross and dirt go-karting tracks. 

7. Easy Trek To Bekre Waterfalls
One of the easiest waterfall hikes, this is just a two-hour drive from Mumbai. Pass through lush green paddy fields and flowing rivers that trickle through farms.

8. Night Trek to Kalsubai Peak – Highest Peak of Maharashtra
This one is for the nyctophiliacs. Since Kalsubai is extremely famous, enough effort has been made to make this trek easy. There are steel railings, chains, and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb. Go for it.

9. Rafting at Kolad
This is the ideal season to go rafting. Rafting is one of those rare activities which can be enjoyed by all ages. It's a perfect combination of adventure, wildlife, exercise, and above all, making memories of a lifetime with your friends and loved ones. Step out of your comfort zone.

10. Torna Waterfall Rappelling
Let's end the list with one for the daredevils. It is an exceptional experience to rappel down a 50-feet high rock patch (equivalent to a five-storey building) with water hitting you hard all over.