If you’ve been encouraging your artistic side, like a lot of us, in the past few months, check out these craft channels on YouTube. They cover the gamut of activities from origami to making your own home decor items. Once you’re fired up with DIY zeal, sign up for a craft workshop or two here.

Miss Kriss

This YouTube channel is brimming with DIY videos that show you how to upscale practically everything from bar spaces to old whiskey decanters to lamps.

Made Everyday

If you’re thinking decor, this channel shows how you can sew, stitch and put together items such as lampshades and throw pillows.

Dazzle DIY

If you need inspiration and instruction to upgrade your living space, look no further.

DIY Dalia

Dalia’s videos help you with projects that please both the eye and the wallet.

Lone Fox

Accentuate your living space with thrifty, bohemian fixes by Lone Fox.

Sheep & Stitch

Sheep & Stitch teaches you to knit and put together your new living room blanket.

Debi’s Design Diary

YouTuber Debi’s channel focuses on upcycling old furniture and accessories.

Craft Life

Twins Jacy and Kacy share their DIY methods and hacks.

Origami with Jo Nakashima

Origami artist Jo Nakashima demonstrates the tricks of the craft such as this video on how to make a dolphin. If you need more help, find diagrams on his website.


This quirky DIY channel features videos that teach you how to make viral pictures of your pet among other things.


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