We all love the city we have grown up in. But cities are like people, there are always hidden depths. In spite of living here for decades, there are a number of things you don't  know about your city. Sometimes, you just need to look at the city through the eyes of a tourist to know it better. For instance, there are a great many tours that not only take you to the famous spots in your city, but also tell you unheard stories about those places. Then there are photo walks that teach you the best way to capture the city in a lens. Or you could opt for a gastronomic tour. Without wasting further time, here are ten tours that will help you know your city better.

A Group Heritage Walk in Colonial BombayTours - BookMyShowBombay has always been a hub for commerce. Even when we were a British colony, ships would come from Great Britain and dock here. The British have left a lot of marks on the city and those buildings are now a part of our heritage. This walk will take you on one such tour of these buildings.

A Group Cycling Tour in Delhi
Tours - BookMyShowIf you want to know more about the capital but are not a fan of walking, then this is the tour for you. Cycle around the popular spots in Delhi as you get to know more about them. Gather your friends too; this could be one fun ride.

The Genesis of Delhi: A Group Night Food Tour in Old Delhi
Tours - BookMyShowEvery city has one thing in common. As the evening draws closer, you get to experience some of the best street food. Go on this scrumptious food tour in Old Delhi, where you experience history along with some amazing food along the way.

A Group Heritage Walk Through the Cemeteries of Kolkata
Tours - BookMyShowThis walk is meant to intrigue. They take you through colonial cemeteries without revealing their names. If that hasn't gotten your attention, there are royalty among the dead and each grave has a unique story to tell.

Kolkata Heritage Walk
Tours - BookMyShowIf Bombay was the capital of commerce, Kolkata was the unofficial capital of administration. That explains its amazing buildings and bridges. Go on a walk around the city and get to know the stories behind the great monuments.

Kumartuli: Not a Photo Walk
Tours - BookMyShowKumartuli is the perfect place to click pictures. But this is not a photo walk. This walk takes you deeper into the history of this place with Amitabha Gupta, who has been a writer for Nat Geo.

Bonedi Bari'r Durga Darshan – Puja Parikrama 2017
Tours - BookMyShowThe nights of Durga Puja is perhaps the best time to be in Kolkata. To make sure that you attend all the major pandals is a task by itself and it becomes easy with this tour. They pick you up from designated spots and take you on a trip you will never forget.

A Group Heritage Walk in the Heart of Bengaluru
Tours - BookMyShowIndia is known for its rich history and culture. One of the best tours is a combination of the past meeting the present. This walk is all set to take you through the heart of Bengaluru.

Lalbagh Heritage and Food Street Walk
Tours - BookMyShowNo tour of Bengaluru is complete without its street food. As you go through the picturesque Lalbagh, you can stop to eat some of the most amazing street food in the city.

In the Footsteps of Rajas and Sultans
Tours - BookMyShowThere are some spots in a city that hold great significance but are usually not well documented. Go back in time through the middle ages and see the paths that the kings and queens followed.

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