We welcome the first long weekend of this lovely year that is full of such gems. With the Republic Day on Friday, this weekend is extra special as Padmaavat is releasing finally. But if you are not the person who can live out the entire weekend just by a movie then you have clicked on the right link. While watching movies is amazing, every weekend, BookMyShow blog shares a list of the best events in your city. All you need to do is select your favorites out of all these options. Get ready for an awesome weekend!


Unfairly Tales

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Towering trees with scurrying squirrels and swirling streams with fantastic fish form an enchanting forest in which a family with two bickering, inquisitive kids decides to set up camp. The jocular siblings soon find themselves sucked into a whirlpool of fairy tales that seems to throw up princesses, dwarves, bears, lost shoes… Book your tickets for this play here.

Kannada Drama Atheetha

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Atheetha, a Kannada play, is an effort to explore the capacity of the human brain which brazens out the relentless caution of conscience despite being aware that, the basic purpose of life is just living and nothing beyond. Book your tickets for this play here.

Remember Remember

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Remember Remember is a set of six original stories imagined and written as Urban Folktales. The city spaces suddenly seem devoid of stories. Maybe people don't have the time for stories, maybe they'd notice only if someone would convert them into Twitter memes. It explores what it means to hold on to the urban stories and fairytales. And sometimes to let them go. Book your tickets for this play here.

Boiled Beans On Toast

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

A lonely housewife regains her lost singing voice in a hospice; for a small town job-seeker the concrete jungle rolling over the shrinking greenery holds promise of untold prospects; for the conservative old lady from the country, the race course opens up visions of power; a village woman struggles to find a foothold amidst the urban chaos. Book your tickets for this play here.


Almost There by Sonali Thakker

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

An avid traveler, curator of her closet, aspiring CA. Surely, the next logical step is pursuing a stand-up career? That's what Sonali Thakker had in mind and she's had her audiences wiping away tears of laughter ever since with her hilarious take on relevant current affairs and of course Gujju jokes. Get your tickets here.

2 Saints and an Old Monk

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Never have we ever made friends with our habits or likes or have these been the only reasons we become friends? It's funny how these three men have different habits and lifestyles and are friends with opinions that aren't similar to one another. Attend the act to know who is and who will be funny. Get your tickets here.

Evam Presents The Put Chutney Boys

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

The team behind 2015 viral YouTube sensation "What if Batman was from Chennai?" and "South India 101 – Banana Leaf" is back. With their unique, quirky tongue-in-cheek humor, The Put Chutney Boys are bringing you a brand new show. A show is filled with idiosyncrasies of South Indian upbringing and their idiocies as software engineers. Get your tickets here.

The Good, The Bad, The Absurd

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

This show brings to you three silly, energized and opinionated comics together to make you laugh at things that are Good, Bad and Absurd. We often ignore some thoughts in our head because we couldn't understand them. It's time to laugh at those thoughts from the perspective of the comedy stylings of Joteen Patro, Anand Rathnam and Somnath PadhyGet your tickets here.

Handpicked Awesomeness

Vh1 Supersonic Takeover With Pentagram and More

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Prepare to be blown away by sensational live performances. They feature top-notch DJs, comedians, and artists spanning various genres and art forms, from India and around the globe. Their 500 standing capacity venue is fully equipped with a grand stage and a robust sound and lighting system. To find out who is performing at Fandom, just check out their Event Calendar! What are you waiting for? Book Now!

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Screening + Dance Night: Under the Stars DriveIn Cinema

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Lonely Cow Entertainment presents Magic Moments Under the Stars: Drive-In Cinema. One stop destination for open skies, green environs, food trucks, your favorite movies on a big screen and the company of your loved ones. This time they are playing DDLJ, the movie that belongs to the heart of many, many movie lovers. Book this amazing evening here.

Connecting with your Inner Chatter at Dialogues Koramangala

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

Did you know that when you are in conversation with someone, you are, in fact, also in conversation with yourself? You have thoughts, feelings, body sensations, all of which are parallelly having a dialogue with you. And in this workshop, you will attempt to recognize the internal dialogue that happens within, observe if these internal dialogues are making you react to a conversation and a lot more. Book your tickets here and learn something new.

A Take On Life-Handling Conflicts

Events in Bengaluru - BookMyShow

A Take On Life (ATOL) is a one-of-a-kind initiative in Bengaluru. The initiative thrives on perspective thinking. There will be a discussion of different concepts related to life like handling pressure, tackling failure, coping with change, decoding emotions etc. Book your tickets here for this amazing experience.

Check for more events and plays in your city.