One of the oldest and diverse forms of theatre is the Marathi theatre. It includes social drama, musical drama, and even folk dance. Such is the popularity of this theatre, where movies have been adapted from the plays; movies like Katyar Kaaljat GhusliNatasamrat and Aapla Manus. Marathi theatre continues to have a steady fan following with dramas like Amar Photo Studio opening to house full theatres. If you are a fan of Marathi theatre, June is the month for you with a variety of plays that are being performed in your city and we have handpicked some of the best ones in Mumbai and Pune that you definitely cannot miss.

1. Marathi Bana

Marathi Bana is a one-stop destination that celebrates the richness of Marathi culture and the traditions. Presented by over 125 artistes, this show is the perfect blend of music, dance, drama, and narration. The fantastic art direction and the rich costumes will be a treat for your eyes. It is one of that kind of shows even non-Marathi speaking people can enjoy. You can read more about it here.

2. Amar Photo Studio

This one is a play about a young couple who are intrigued by their past and worried about their future. They decide to break up and both end up in Amar Photo Studio where the owner takes them on a roller coaster ride into the past. What happens in the past? What happens when they come back? Watch this sci-fi-comedy play to find out. You can read our review of the play right here.


This Marathi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a grand production by Zee Marathi and organized by Ashtavinayak. The play has been directed by the National Award winning director Chandrakant Kulkarni and boasts of a strong cast with Tushar Dalvi and Sumeet Raghavan. The dialogues are rich and the sets are grand. Hamlet is a must-watch play and you can read the review here.


The art of entertaining children is beautifully captured by the timeless Marathi play – Albattya Galbattya, presented again by Zee Marathi. On a larger-than-life scale, enchanting special effects transport the audiences into a magical world where fantasies seem to come to life. With an amazing original music score, characters that will take you on a journey of magical proportions, the play is all set to make you laugh while waking the kid in you! Playing the central character of the witch is the actor well-known for his comic timing Vaibhav Mangle, this has been directed by Chinmay Mandlekar and produced by Advait Theaters. Read our review here.

5. Punha sahi re sahi

Mr. Madan Sukhatme, a successful businessman, suddenly vanishes. Assuming him dead his lawyer comes up with three different wills and four different beneficiaries according to it. This play has been entertaining the Marathi audiences for over 15 years now and to sold-out shows. Theatre veteran Bharat Jadhav plays four roles in this rib-tickling comedy about greed.


Ovee is a horror-thriller that brings a new dimension to theatre industry. This is a story of a teenage girl who loses her parents at an early age and is sent to an orphanage by her paternal uncle. There she is occupied in a room where a girl was murdered. During her stay, she starts experiencing paranormal activities. This story is about her struggle to survive and overcome her fear.

7. Amchya Hicha Prakaran

The producers of the super hit play Sakhar Khallela Manus, Chandrakant Lokare and Dilip Jadhav bring to you a brand new laugh riot starring versatile actor Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, beautiful Bhargavi Chirmule, talented Nandita Patkar and a brilliant bunch of other actors.

8. Gharat Married Baher Bachelor

When an impressionable Anand announces to his good friend Ekanath that he has fallen for a girl on the Ola taxi, Ekanath is not surprised. But he is surprised when he learns that Anand intends to divorce his wife Shaila and go to live with his new girlfriend in the house next door. What happens next is what this hilarious play is all about.
9. Ananyaa
Ananyaa is a story of a young, smart girl who seems to have everything going great for her. She is a bright ambitious student, who is also free-spirited and even finds the love of her life. However, her life turns upside down when she meets with an accident. Through trying times Ananyaa rises like a phoenix and her tale is inspiring. Read our review here.

10. dear aajo

Shanu is a pampered, carefree teenager living blissfully in Atlanta until one day fate plays foul and her life changes forever. Her Ajoba’s (Grandfather) life in Mumbai flips a 180 when she enters his life. Their journey together is an interesting rollercoaster which makes you laugh, cry and ponder upon certain social beliefs.

11. vastraharan

While we all miss Machchindra Kambli, the show must go on. Vastraharan is a thoroughly entertaining play within a play that never was. It is brought to you from the coastal region of Konkani. In a small village of Konkan called Revandi, the villagers have gathered together to perform a story from the Mahabharat, that of Draupadi Vastraharan- the disrobing of Draupadi.

12. all the best – 2

Inspired by All The Best, this is a whole new take on the classic Marathi comedy play. The story revolves around three friends: A blind guy (Vijay), a deaf guy (Chandu), and a mute guy (Dilip). Their theatre group tries to put together a drama for a competition, while the trio is trying to make a girl (Rupali) fall for them.