We all are familiar with the popular saying, 'Laughter is the best medicine' and it is true. People in India have taken this phrase seriously and have executed it in a funny way in the form of open mic stand-ups, with a new generation of comedians bringing in a new flavor of humor. Stand-up comedy is not as easy as it looks. Only the ones who are passionate and can really draw the audience towards them with their humor can win the race of becoming the best. The present generation has witnessed some really good stand-up artists who have taken the world of stand-up comedy to the next level. 

Let's take a look at some of the Indian stand-up comedians who have emerged popular and are currently rocking the comedy scene. 

Vir Das
You probably knew him as a comedian in Bollywood films but did you know that he was a successful stand-up comedian before he made his debut in B-town? Vir Das is a popular stand-up comedian, known for his wit and humor. He is known for writing his own script and his performances are intelligent and funny at the same time.

Zakir Khan
Zakir Khan was one of the contestants of Comedy Central India. He rose to instant fame after winning the competition and got praises for his performances. Apart from being a stand-up comedian, he is also a writer and has produced several radio shows. He is a well-known artist and all his shows are packed with not even one seat to spare. 

Papa CJ
An oxford MBA degree holder who found his passion in stand-up comedy, Papa CJ worked as a motivational speaker in the past, and the same helped him nurture a career in the comedy industry. He is one of the early Indian comedians who first started shows in London and later set up a base in India. He is a highly successful Indian comedian who is well known for his sold-out solo performances. 

Aditi Mittal
Aditi is one of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India. She has been featured among India's top 10 stand-up comedians by Times of India. Besides being a comedian, she is also a successful writer and has showcased her talent by writing for well-known magazines and newspapers columns. 

Kenny Sebastian
This artist is referred to as the rock star of Indian comedy Industry. His journey as a stand-up comedian started when he won the first prize at the stand-up comedy festival at an IIT fest in Mumbai. All of this wasn't planned and the experience gave him a whole new perspective on stand-ups. Today, he is among the top stand-up comedians in India.

Being a part of a stand-up comedy show is amazing. It will help you forget about the stress in your life and will leave you with the much-needed dose of laughter.