It is time for all the foodies of New Delhi to unite at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where 150 exhibitors from around the country are arriving to serve the best of food the country has to offer. The Grub Fest is considered India's biggest food festival and it gets bigger and better every year. You get to see brands like Baking Bad, iHOP, Wok to Walk, Big Yellow Door, Cj’s Fresh, and many more putting their best food forward just for you. If you ever wanted a fest to fulfill all your food cravings, this is the festival for you and you can bring your friends along and they will definitely convert into foodies. Here are five more reasons to book your tickets right now.

1. A haven for the shoppers

Although it is the biggest food festival in the country, the festival is not just about food. There is a lifestyle zone called Grub Street for brands selling fashion accessories along with pop-up shops and gift shops. There is also an area called Grub Market where you can pick up fresh and organic fruits and vegetables along with an assortment of delicious homemade delicacies. 

2. Something for music lovers

All three days are packed with DJs and musicians of the varied genre. You get to listen to singers like Kamakshi Khanna, Guru Randhawa and Kutle Khan while DJs like DJ Saif, Ritviz, Raedl, and Beat Crush make you tap your foot to their beats. You can also tune in to their JukeBox and have something to listen to while you try the delicious delicacies.

3. Look for the screens

If you are tired of going around the exhibitors, you can always find your way to the Grub theatre for something entertaining and for some more food. Grub theatre has movie screenings, chefs cooking live and even an IPL match on Sunday, what more can you ask for? There is also a sampling session by various upcoming homemade and organic brands. 

4. Be a star

The fest is going to be packed and if you want a better view of all the performances and get some other VIP perks, you can sign up for the Grub star ticket. Be a Grub star and enjoy this fest like a VIP that you are.

5. Don't forget the food

While you enjoy everything else at this festival, don't forget that at the beginning and in the end, it is all about food. Take plenty of breaks but don't forget to visit every stall because you might regret if you miss any delicacy over three days. You can hit the gym Monday onwards.

If you haven't booked your tickets yet, you can book them here and don't forget to share.