Last year Russell Peters visited India and watched thousands of people get drunk on his humor.

Making people laugh is a serious business and a good number of stand-up comedians from India are slowly and steadily pulling the crowds away from movie theaters to stand-up shows. For example, Vir Das has taken the Indian Stand-Up Comedy scene by storm. Be it Battle of Da Sexes, History of India or Walking On Broken Das, Vir Das makes sure that he keeps his audience’s entertained, right till the very end.
Amongst the immensely talented bunch of stand-up comedians that India has to offer, we’ve hand-picked five.

Vir Das rose to fame, commercially, after Delhi Belly. Raw, rude and angry yet brilliant is what best describes his style of comedy. Das indulges in everything from Indian politics to history to women to sports. He calls himself an observational comedian, who knows exactly how to tickle the audience’s funny bone.
2.Papa CJ

Forbes called him "the global face of Indian stand-up" and rightly so. With his razor sharp wit and his sense of humor, Papa CJ has become synonymous with stand-up comedy. CJ has toured across countries and has appeared both on television as well as radio. He was also the only Indian stand-up comedian to enthrall audiences in the very popular American TV Show – Last Comic Standing, in 2008.

Crazy amounts of energy, awesome levels of expressiveness and crass behavior is how you can best describe Sorabh Pant’s stand-up acts. One of his shows is rightly titled ‘Travelling Pants’, as he has done over 350 shows in 30 cities across 7 countries. Shows with Rob Schneider and Wayne Brady make a credible addition to his resume. His acts are full of sexual content and largely, stuff that you wouldn’t want to talk about in front of your family.

Rohan Joshi dons too many hats. He is a stand-up comedian, writer, columnist, and an occasional screenwriter. Much like Vir Das, Rohan too satirizes politics and calls himself an observational comedian and has opened for Das in the past.

No ‘best stand-up comedy acts’ list would be complete without mentioning Kapil Sharma, the reigning king of TRP’s. ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ has become a mandatory promotional platform for Bollywood celebrities who want to invest on his show’s immense popularity. Sharma’s strategy is simple; he becomes one with the crowd, and that is why he appeals to everyone from an Ambani to a rickshawallah. CNN-IBN honored him with the Indian of the Year 2013 award in the entertainment category.
Now that we’ve introduced these artists to you, let us also give you the great news that you have the opportunity to catch four of them and many others like them, live!
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