Do you know Pakistan has made Holi and Diwali public holidays? The PM of Pakistan expressed a desire to celebrate the festivals. Holi is a vibrant festival and with migrating Indians, the festival has spread to every nook and cranny of the world. More and more countries are looking at Holi as a sign of unity between various cultures and communities.

Even though we think the thought is beautiful, not everyone loves to play Holi. There can be many reasons and we aren’t going to get into that. But if you are one of those people, we have a list of five things you can do this Holi without actually playing Holi.  

So, scroll down and enjoy your Holi-day!

Have a bhaang food party
Bhaang is synonymous with Holi. Ditch every color except green! There are plenty of recipes online that’ll help you create some spectacular bhaang-infused delicacies. Favorites are thandaai, laddoos and pakoras
Things To Do On Holi - BookMyShow 
Try something new
Try something different this Holi. Use the break and go for an adventure. If you’re in Mumbai, go for a Cruise. If you’re in NCR, go for an Air Safari.  
Things To Do On Holi - BookMyShow
Get away from the city 
Unwind with a long drive to the outskirts of the city. Check out how rural India celebrates Holi. We assure you, you’ll be amazed and impressed at the same time. 
Things To Do On Holi - BookMyShow
Binge-watch your favorite series 
If you aren’t the outdoorsy type, microwave a big bowl of popcorn, and binge-watch your favorite series. Now that we have Netflix in India, you can never run out of options. 
Things To Do On Holi - BookMyShow
Go watch a movie! 
Catch the latest blockbusters. There are plenty to choose from – Kapoor & Sons, Rocky Handsome in Bollywood, and the highly awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from Hollywood! 
Things To Do On Holi - BookMyShow
Make sure you have a kickass Holi, with or without colors. Happy Holi! ‪‪