For anyone who loves to travel and has a taste for adventure surely is not very fond of the summers. The burning heat is not the ideal time to go off on long treks or bike rides across the beautiful mountains. Now that we have said goodbye to the summer, it is time for monsoon-loving adrenaline junkies to step out. Going on an adventure truly is food for your soul and this is the best time to venture out. Because of monsoon the hills and the valleys look like a green carpet and the weather makes you want to be in that setting. Based on your mood there are different kinds of adventures you can choose from and we have the list right here.

1. Camping – For someone who wants to take it easy

If like us you are the kind of person who wants to just relax on a trip, we have the perfect kind of adventure for you. Pick a camping spot and have everything pre-arranged from travel to food. You just carry the necessary items and get ready to go on an unforgettable trip. Choose any trips from the list below and get started.

2. Cycle Through Vineyards – For someone who loves Wine and Nature

Wine is monsoon’s companion and there is no greater joy than experiencing both of them together. Go on a cycle ride through the vineyards of Nashik where ou get to help yourself to some delicious wine and amazing food.

3. Treks – For someone who doesn’t mind taking it up a notch

If you don’t mind getting your feet dirty to reach the top, treks are for you. Treks are probably one of the very few things that take you deep into the wilderness and let you walk through nature. It is great for anyone who wants a refreshing time with some amazing stories to tell.

4. Bike Trips – For someone who wants to rev it up

You don’t need to be on foot to reach great heights. Take your own two-wheeler or rent one for an unforgettable ride. You get to travel to Leh from a variety of different locations and what better time than now to go on such a trip. Get the full list of bike trips right here.

5. River Rafting – For someone who loves water

Kolad is one of the few places where you get to enjoy amazing river rafting. Take your friends along with you as you battle the waves for an exhilarating ride. Don’t worry about forgetting the trip, you will also get a lot of photographic moments along the way.

6. Adventure sports – For someone who just loves adventure

If you are not a big fan of spending days to find your adventure but still love the adrenaline rush, adventure sports are the perfect thing for you. From a variety of activities in Lonavala to Bungy jumping in Rishikesh, you can try it all.

Time to pack your bags and tell us where you are going this weekend.