Taking place over two weekends in Mumbai and Delhi, Abu Dhabi Week 2017 brings the best of the Arabian city for you to experience. Whether or not you know much about the city itself, you are sure to find something you love at Abu Dhabi Week.

In just a few areas, you can find out all about the main attractions that you cannot miss if you take a trip to Abu Dhabi. Get the opportunity to click pictures at the Abu Dhabi skyline, a cruise ship, on a safari trip, and even dressed in traditional Arab clothing.

YAS Island is one of the popular spots in Abu Dhabi and you can experience the three best places to go – YAS Marina Racing Circuit, YAS Links, and Ferrari World. For the F1 racing enthusiasts, a racing simulator has been set up that gives you a feel for what it’s like to reach the very top speeds. You can also try your hand at some golf that you would find at YAS Links. The Ferrari World is also brought to life with VR that will put you right on the ride! Experience the world's fastest roller coaster at the world’s first Ferrari themed park.

There is also something for the fans of India’s favorite sport. Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium is one of the finest stadiums in the world that has hosted many famous matches. You can play some cricket facing off against a bowling machine in a box cricket set-up.

There is something for the foodies as well. There are food stalls from local restaurants, but the biggest treat is the exotic cuisine prepared by Chef Khulood, the famous Emirati chef. She will be conducting a masterclass to prepare Arabic dishes and you can try the delicious food she prepares for free. You can even sample some authentic Arabic coffee that you can sip on in a tent much like the ones you’d see in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Week 2017 also has a live graffiti area where you can see artists live in action prepare a work of art that is changed every day. You can get your name painted in Arabic on your arm for a short-lasting tattoo. There is even a 3D painting that gives you an eagle’s eye view of Abu Dhabi. The #ILoveAbuDhabi sign that will greet you at the Abu Dhabi airport has also been re-created in the same size and style.

Just a few paces away, you can take a trip to see Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and even Louvre Abu Dhabi, a museum that will have a grand opening in just a few weeks. When you’re ready to unwind, there are comfy seats at Al Ain, the Garden City where a small oasis has been brought to life.

Finally, if you want to buy something to remind you of Abu Dhabi you can get some famous scents from Ajmal Perfumes and grab some souvenirs. But if you’re still not satisfied and want to see the city in real life, there are also multiple tour operators that will help you plan your trip, with an exclusive 10% discount. You also stand a chance to win prizes in a lucky draw, and an assured gift just for the pictures you take at the event.

Looking for more reasons to visit Abu Dhabi Week 2017? Where else can you get to discover the fascinating history and culture of a whole city and get to become an amateur expert in just one evening?

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