Being in the city, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there is a range of outdoor activities that you can participate in. Whether it’s cycling through the streets or camping at a picturesque location, there is something for every type of person who needs an escape from daily life. With BookMyShow Activities, we’re introducing you to a whole new world of adventure. And if you happen to be in Mumbai, we’ve got seven fabulous activities planned out for you:

1. Midnight Cycling – For The Night Owls 

Are you the most energetic when dusk falls? If so, a midnight cycling event might be the way to embrace your inner adrenaline junkie. When the streets are empty and the weather is cool, you can pedal your way through the Mumbai gallis for a unique experience that you wouldn’t get during the daytime.

2. Water Sports – For The Thrill Seekers 

The Vaitarna river is one of the best spots for water sports. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, this one is both challenging and rewarding. From cliff jumping to kayaking, you will be able to try out a range of activities here.

3. Della Adventure – For Those Who Want A Bit Of Everything 

If you’re someone who has a hard time deciding what to pick, you may want to make your way to Della Adventure Park. Della is India’s largest extreme adventure park and it has pretty much everything you would ever want to try. Rappeling? Check. Motocross dirt biking? Check. Paintball? Check. And this isn’t even half of the activities you’ll find here.

4. Morning Sail – For The Early Risers 

If you want to get your dose of adventure before the day even starts, Gateway Sailing Club has the perfect activity for you. With two batches available at 7 and 9 AM, you can go for a ride on a wind-driven yacht any day of the week.

5.  Deepwater Scuba Diving – For The Aquaphiles

Do you feel most at home when you’re in water? Then scuba diving is something you should definitely try. The best part? You don’t even have to head out of Maharashtra for this. Hikerwolf will take care of all the traveling and accommodations and the only thing you have to do is show up at the Dadar meeting point and get ready to have some underwater adventure.

6. Camping – For Those Who Want To Unwind 

Want to get away from the city and back to the basics? Go on a weekend getaway and camp out by Pawna lake. Sleep inside a cozy tent and enjoy a night under the open skies. You will also get to go boating and see some stunning views of nature that you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere in an urban space.

7. Sailing Bay – For Those Who Want Adventure At The Heart Of Mumbai 

Don’t want to travel too far for adventure? What if we told you that you can experience a range of activities right at Juhu beach! With five options of banana rides, sofa rides, flyfish rides, sleeper rides, and jet ski rides, you can pick the exact adventure activity that you are interested in.

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