Escape games have grown immensely popular amongst families with teenage children. It is a platform for parents and their children to interact, work, and bond with each other. But it’s not just entertainment limited to families. Friends who wish to spend time can also come together and solve mind-boggling puzzles to achieve a common goal. Suitable for all age groups, these fun games are happening in Mumbai regularly. If you too wish to ‘escape’ routine and are looking for something fun to do this weekend, here are some of the best escape games in the city for you:


Escapology has been voted as one of the most fun things to do in Mumbai. It offers players different levels of difficulty for all its games, with 5 levels in total. The games range from rescuing the King of Bollywood to escaping an eerie hospital ward, to stopping demons from taking over the world. Do you have what it takes to conquer them all?


Mystery seekers, this one is for you! As you get ensnared in a mysterious room, you can use only your observation, detective skills, ability to keep calm under pressure, and team effort to get through a set of unique and challenging tasks. Be warned: the clock is ticking and if you don’t break out of the room on time, you might be trapped…forever!


Be a part of India’s No.1 live escape game, where you are locked up in a mysterious space for an hour with a mission to accomplish. You must find clues, hints, and mysterious objects, solve a puzzle and challenge all your senses in order to escape in time. Mystery Rooms is a unique adventure game sure to give you an adrenaline rush like never before.

The Amazing Escape, Andheri

Bank Heist

Ever wanted to rob a bank and get away with it, just like in the movies? Here’s your chance to do it in the most legal way possible. The challenge for you is to attempt a heist at the famous OKO Bank, with clues to help you along the way. But the security cameras will be deactivated for 60 minutes only. So you can complete the challenge undetected before the cops enter the scene.


Here’s your chance to make all those conspiracy theories come true. The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its revenge by killing the Pope. The challenge for you is to prove that the Pope was assassinated and escape before the Swiss Guard captures you. You have 60 minutes but it would take a genius much less.

Prison Break

You can now relive some of the greatest prison breaks you have watched in movies or on television by doing so yourself. You have been wrongly accused of a crime and will be locked up forever. Can you put your Michael Scofield skills to test and escape the prison with the help of your friends? You have 60 minutes until the warden returns, so better be quick.

The Lost Kingdom

Do you dare to open the door and enter the inner sanctum of a lost kingdom? This atmospheric room takes you to another era in a completely different world that will entice you. But things are not as innocent as they seem, the danger is lurking and you have to escape within one hour. Otherwise, you will be trapped or worse…forgotten!

Escape The Tomb

Fascinated with mummies? Here’s your chance to explore a pyramid with a mission to reach the tomb and discover the identity of a mysterious Egyptian king. Very few have escaped the Pharaoh’s cursed chamber in the past and it will take special skill sets to break out of this one. You also have to finish the challenge in 60 minutes or be the next victim of the Pharaoh’s eternal curse.

The Amazing Escape – Escape Game Adventure

The Amazing Escape will intrigue, entertain, and delight you with vivid stories, complex puzzles, and fascinating challenges. It is a real-life adventure game where you are locked in a themed room and will require collective team effort along with some elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find the clues, and escape the room in 60 minutes.

Check them out and let us know about your experience.