11 Art Workshops For You To Meditate While Creating a Masterpiece

Everyone is aware of the benefits of meditation but very few of us know the benefits of artistic expression. Creating any form of art is also a way to get into a meditative state of mind and access the profound healing of the same. While we speak of artistic expression, it is not limited to a form of art, it ranges from painting, doodling, sculpting, writing, basically everything. So, technically you do not have to take time out to meditate, you can just express yourself through art and stay healthy. And if you are feeling lost as to where to start, here we have a list 11 art workshops for you to kickstart your healthy life:

Knife Painting Workshops

Yes, knives can also be used for painting. The following workshops are guided sessions with experts who will take you through the process of knife painting and help you create a masterpiece of your own on the spot. The art supplies will be provided at the venue, you just need to be there with a relaxed mind.

Structured Pattern Creation

Creating abstract art with structured patterns has always been relaxing, allowing the mind and body to release stress. It is all about simple elemental strokes that anyone can draw, regardless of their creative ability. Zentangle and Mandala creations are a superb way to start with structured patterns.

Expression through different tools

The drawing tools have certain attributes – pencils are sturdy, reliable, and precise whereas charcoal, its wild counterpart, is bold, daring, and dramatic. So take up a tool that brings out the real you and start creating something now! Here’s a workshop to get you started:

Themes for a certain mood

The things you do affect your mood and behavior. The colors around you, the weather, the lights, everything leaves an impact on your conscience. Take up some bright color and a strong theme and create a piece of art that will impact you in a positive way, leaving you de-stressed and in a good mood.

Check out some more workshops in your city here.

Shikha Singh: