Movies and plays are watched for entertainment, but only true art lovers will enjoy a ballet. Yes, it is a common practice amongst the elite to attend a ballet or an opera, but neither of these art forms is shut to the general public. Ballets take place in the city fairly often and there’s no reason you should miss the next one, especially if you are a lover of the performing arts.

Mumbaikars and Delhiites can catch the most beloved and quintessential classical ballets of all time – Swan Lake Ballet – 2018, which takes place in both the cities in March. If this is your first time watching a ballet, here are a couple of pointers you need to keep in mind.

Navrasa Duende and Royal Russian Ballet presents Swan Lake Ballet - BookMyShow

Choose a popular ballet

If it is your first ballet, popular classics are your best picks. You can read all about them, probably catch a version of them online, and then experience the beauty of the ballet live. Swan Lake has been performed numerous times in the past all over the world and is the most famous ballets of all time.

Do your research

Before watching the ballet, make sure you read its story online. Even if you don’t follow it live, you have an idea of where the narrative is heading. Swan Lake is a tale of a romance and a tragedy. The story, in broad strokes, is that of a prince who falls in love with a woman under an enchantment, but the lovers can only be united in death.

Navrasa Duende and Royal Russian Ballet presents Swan Lake Ballet - BookMyShow

Acquaint yourself with the music

Music is the most integral part of the ballet. Swan Lake was originally produced by Tchaikovsky – one of the greatest classical music composers of all time. Do catch some of the musical pieces from this ballet as well as his other works, which are powerful enough to put you in a trance.

Dress to impress

There’s no specific dress code for a ballet performance. But since ballets are popularly attended by the elite, you don’t want to feel out of place in a T-shirt and jeans. Don’t bother with formal clothing, rather keep it casual and comfortable. A simple evening gown or a blazer is fine too. Check out the video for more options:

Never be late

It’s always better to pre-book your tickets for any kind of ticketed event. Your seats for Swan Lake can be purchased online too, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of picking the best ones at the last minute. Arrive well before the show is slated to start to get the best of the venue as well.

Do not hesitate to applaud

Unlike operas where it is frowned upon to clap in the middle of a performance, ballets deserve several applauses during the show. Every great musical piece that is performed to perfection in Swan Lake will make you want to put your hands together and cheer for the talented artists.

Navrasa Duende and Royal Russian Ballet presents Swan Lake Ballet - BookMyShow

Watch the ballet again

Unlike most art forms that lose their glamor after the first watch, ballets can be enjoyed over and over again. Swan Lake has been performed numerous times and if you love what you see, you will be able to catch it once more during the many performances taking place in your city.

Become a fan

If your first ballet impresses you, there’s no reason to stop at one. Look up more ballets online and catch them the next time they are performed in your city. Spread the word about Swan Lake and get your friends to enjoy the experience with you. It’s time to change the attitude towards one of the most beautiful forms of performance art – ballet! Catch a sneak peek here:

So if you have never seen a ballet before, here’s your opportunity to acquaint yourself with this exquisite dance form. Do not fall prey to false notions about a ballet, especially from those who have never watched it. Try this one for yourself and you will see how the creative combination of music and dance can entrap you.

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