Comedy is a form of entertainment which everyone can relate to. The day-to-day life has become mundane and dull and to curb this widespread problem, we seek comedians and laughter shows. Even though India is a country which is not mature enough when it comes to the emotional quotient and taking humor the way one should, comedians are still on a rise. Every club, every TV channel and every movie made have plenty of comedy elements in order to make it a success. So if you’re in Bengaluru and are fed up with the monotonous routine and want a change desperately, we have compiled a list of top 5 upcoming comedy events in Bengaluru. Take a quick look.

Silly Point – India's First Cricket Based Comedy Show

Funny Side Up presents Silly Point, India's first cricket based comedy show. The show features jokes only on cricket, our country's favorite sport, after eve-teasing of course. Why did Robin Singh puke on the field? Was Anil Kumble India's fastest bowler? Rohit Swain and Hriday Ranjan will take you down memory lane of the hilariously tragic life of an Indian cricket fan in one fun hour of stand up comedy sprinkled with parody songs and sketches.
Date – 13 Apr, 08:00 PM
Venue – Murphys Brewhouse, Bengaluru

The 100ft Comedy Nights

The 100 FT Boutique Bar and Restaurant presents The 100 FT Comedy Nights – ‘A comedy from the heart that goes to the throat’. Featuring and hosted by Anand Rathnam, supported by Aamer Peeran and Abhijeet, it’s an opportunity you cannot miss. It is going to be fun, hilarious and above all, a night to remember. This stand-up comedy night is going to be a wonderful experience with 6 open mics.
Date – 13 Apr, 08:30 PM
Venue – 100ft Boutique Bar Restaurant, Bengaluru

That Comedy Club feat. Karunesh Talwar and Vaibhav Sethia

Comedy is best served if it’s a stand-up performance. You will find various spots to lighten your mood but this one will be irreplaceable. That Comedy Club, Bengaluru’s 1st comedy club, brings to you two hilarious nights of stand-up comedy with Karunesh Talwar and Vaibhav Sethia and Rupen Paul. Hosting the show will be the amazing Paul from Namma Bengaluru. So it’s time to put your laughing pants on and enjoy this top event in the city of Bengaluru.
Date – 15 Apr, 05:00 PM
Venue – That Comedy Club, Bengaluru

Punchliners: Stand-up Comedy Show ft. Amit Tandon

With more than 700 shows across three continents, Amit Tandon is one of the best known observational comics in India. He is known as 'The Married Guy' in the stand-up comedy circuit. In the last three years, he has toured three solo shows across India and has co-produced three other shows. Amit is also the founder of Grandmasters of Comedy, a company focused on bringing comedy to the corporate world. He is the runner-up at CEO's Got Talent telecast on CNBC TV 18.
Date – Apr 16
Venue – Mother Tekla Auditorium, Bengaluru

Monday Funnies – Pun Hub

Pun Hub is a comedy show, unlike a regular stand-up comedy show where jokes have punchlines, this show will have 'pun'ch lines! A joke which has humorous use of a word or words in such a way as to suggest different meanings or applications, or words that have the same or nearly the same sound but different meanings.
Date – 17 Apr, 08:30 PM
Venue – Take 5, Bengaluru