It is back, Ladies and Gentlemen, Colosseum! This is a SVKM college festival that has been going on for the past 14 years. This year it is Colosseum 14. This is a 3-day long inter-collegiate management fest. Colosseum will showcase a whole new outlook to college life. The festival helps students and participants discover themselves. Colosseum is held at various SVKM venues. The venues over the course of the 3 days will host various competitions, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, amateur and professional shows. There will be over 200 colleges which will be invited for this fest. Well-known celebrities will also be part of this festival. That makes this Colosseum the biggest and most-awaited college festival.

Colosseum has a theme every year. This year, their theme is Excelsior. The main motto of the management is to excel in everything that they do. And in doing so, they aim for progress. The festival has placed importance on efficient management. This festival has been a success due to this ideology of effective management. Colosseum has reached its epitome of success due to a strong positive attitude and a constant drive towards challenges.
Excelsior doesn’t solely mean pushing ahead towards success but gradually developing your skills from within. At Colosseum, they work with a blend of serious commitment and zeal which comes from accepting responsibilities with grace. The festival is trying to put forth these skills to everyone who takes part. This will keep everyone open to learning. The path to achievement comes from learning, teamwork, facing challenges, communication and efforts. This is the spirit of Colosseum 14. To enlighten the youth force and to rise upward to the zenith of success.

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